Visonic MCT-340E Sensor now natively supported by SmartThings

I just read that these popular sensors are now natively supported by SmartThings. This may be a really dumb question, but I have a number of these that I set up awhile ago using the tomasaxerot : Visonic Door/Window Sensor Device Handler.

Is there any advantage to removing this DH and repairing these sensors?

Thanks a lot.

When I got mine I too had to use the tomasaxerot : Visonic Door/Window Sensor Device Handler. However if you simply change the DH to: SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor they will work locally instead of having to ping the cloud for status.

No need to remove them and add again. Just change the DH for all of them then you can delete the tomasaxerot DH if you’d like to.

Thanks a lot! Really easy to update, and then I just went ahead and removed the old DH.

Now my next project is figuring out my Xiaomi Smart Water Sensors. I added them using the SmartSense Moisture Sensor, but I could get them to trigger when I tested with a little water. Haven’t had time to dive into it, but I saw a couple threads out there on them.

Good luck. I tried to use a few Xiaomi contact sensors and was never able to get them to work.

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I missed it at $10. Currently 14.99