[REMOVED] Nest Manager 4.0

The presence device can be installed / enabled even if you only have protects. Same is true for the weather device.

The schedule precedence is based on order. The first schedule to match (i.e. not be restricted), is the schedule used at that time.

Example: default I want temps set to 70. At certain times, I want temps 65.

You would setup
Schedule 1 : Temps at 65, and define restrictrictions - modes, times, days of week, etc

Schedule 2: temp at 70. I may have no time, or mode restrictions (i.e. it would always match)

In this order, you would get what you want. If you reversed the order, you would always get 70.

If you still have issues, private mail us so we can see the logs

The ST mode changes Nest Mode can upgrade to the new version. The instructions were simpler to just delete all your automations in the update.

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Thanks! That does help but coordinating the schedule with the Remote Sensor is where I am running into an issue. I didn’t take it private because I’m guessing I just don’t have it set up right and the info may help others. Can you update the example to coordinate using a Remote Sensor? I want my remote sensor to run the AC only in certain modes.

I really appreciate it!

You enable remote sensors, and for schedules that you want to operate in only certain ST modes, add the modes to the schedule. It will only match if those modes are active.

ah but i thought without nest it doesn’t work. I have tried it on a prior version of nest manager and it didn’t update the presence at all.

At the moment, what is the maximum amount of event history available for historical/graphical purposes? Where is this data stored? Thanks.

There is today, yesterday for some of the graph history. The data is in internal variables

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I went on the GitHub project page to try and submit a feature request, but I couldn’t find it. This app rocks and this would make it even rock more!

  1. I would like the ability to control temperatures based on a switch status. I have an extension downstairs which has brand new heating, windows and insulation. Thus, heating and A/C is far more efficient in this room compared to the rest of downstairs. For this reason, I need different setpoints when someone is in this room and I determine this by the lights being on. I currently do this right now with CoRE and it works well. It would be nice to have all of my thermostat automatons in one place.

  2. I have 4 thermostats, (4 heating, 2 a/c and heating). I have a CoRE piston setup to do the following:

-When outdoor temp drops below 55 degrees, put all 4 thermostats in heating mode
-When outdoor temp is between 55-65 degrees, turn off all thermostats
-When outdoor temp is above 65 degrees, turn 2 of the thermostats in A/C mode

I then rely on the setpoints defined by schedules, automatons to actually heat and cool the rooms appropriately. So far in the past week, it’s worked out well, except for one night when the CoRE piston didn’t turn my heat on. I realize there is an automation for comfort settings and comparing temperatures, but It is on a per thermostat basis, not global. Also, I find it much simpler to just look at outside temperatures and put the thermostats in the right mode. I don’t like using Nest’s Heat/Cool mode, and would rather control it myself. Personal preference. Not sure how many other people feel the way I do. It would be nice to have a global control for on/off/heat/cool, etc.


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There is switch on or switch off as schedule restrictions. (we love CoRE too)

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Thanks. I am looking more for on demand switch temperature adjustments.

Eric is right I think. For number 1 you should be able to create a schedule where the criteria of “only execute when these switches are on” and then a second to control “only execute when these switches are all off”.

Then I would duplicate the second schedule (all switches off) and make the different set point schedules based on the outside temperature.

I only have heating on my setup so the schedules are a little simpler but you should be able to achieve what you want. My setup is done using modes. When the smarthings mode is “Home”, take an average of the downstairs temperature. When the smartthings mode is in “Night”, use the bedroom temperature. I also have different set points as the house doesn’t need to be as warm at night because I’m tucked up in bed. :slight_smile:

I wish I could be more involved, but i’m out of state this week for a project at work and only have time to check in on evenings. So thanks @E_Sch for being so active in supporting this :slight_smile:

@tonesto7 @E_Sch

Just had a question, since nest protect has motion sensor, is there any way to use motion sensor capability in smartthings?

Unfortunately - no

Nest does not give us any direct access to the status of the motion sensor. They only may update auto-away - to home based on their own logic…

We cannot see from their API anything about it…

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There was something similar in the questions, but not exactly. Can you tell me if the following is possible with 4.0?

I would like the Nest’s current temperature to be the average of a number of remote sensors. But I do not want to establish a single set point that it refuses to leave.

So if I

  1. Use average of remote sensors = current temp on Nest
  2. Set schedule for 17 degrees during Home Mode.
  3. Decide to bump it up or down during that time

Will it let me bump it up or down? or will it return immeadiately to the set schedule temp of 17? This is why I had to disable remote sensors in the last version.


And is there a limit to how many schedules that can be created? Like if I have 6 Modes, can I create 6 schedules?

Oh, and a new question. Eco mode vs Auto-Away was sent to me in an email today. They are pushing this out over the next few weeks. Will it affect how I have ST Presence sensors interact with Nest? It might just be a name change on Nest’s part, but not sure if it will mess with anything in the code.

Today there are 4 schedules, but that is very easily changed if we find we need more

So enable remote sensor on your thermostat/zone and add the remote sensors

Then in you schedules, just create the setpoints you want, with the mode restrictions you want.
Remember in away modes, nest goes to its temp settings (if you use nest away), so you don’t need to set modes for away if your nest is setup to go to away (also you can enable nest mode setting based on ST mode automation).

It should do exactly what you want.


sorry to bother with this issue but the nest app wont upgrade to 4.0 for me? i"ve had this program since inception and always use the github integration to update the code…worked flawless every time… This time no luck, still showing version 3.14 for me. Even since 4.0 came out there were some other minor updates, performed those hoping that would work but no dice. I had no automation’s setup.

Just tried deleting everything and starting over, same result. Tried to manually copy/paste the code, no luck. not sure what else to do. Any help?

I was having a similar problem and found that I had not pressed the Publish button on the smart app in the IDE.

Don’t know if this is the same for you or not.

Thanks for the reply, i actually just figured it out… i had an issue with two IDE accounts when smart things replaced my defective hub.