[BETA] NST Manager

##NST Beta Access

I’ve just updated our public repo to add in the Beta Branch
Moving forward this is where we will be posting code to that we feel is ready to be tested by end users.

This can be added to ST IDE alongside the master branch.

  1. To start using the beta branch for existing installs you will need to add the new branch “beta” under IDE settings.

  2. You will need to update each app and device source code options under their properties in the IDE to use the new beta branch you added.

###This may require you to click the search button on the left of each app/device link and update and save|publish to first time after changing repo’s

If your not sure how to add a Repo to the IDE follow these steps and replace the master with ‘Beta’


Getting Started:


Issues and Troubleshooting

The most common issue is forgetting to enable oAuth for the app under SmartThings

For Issues: GitHub Project Issues Link

Please check the Help Page before posting questions in the community forum. NST Manager Wiki Page

I am jumping into code for Smartthings (like I need another software dev project) as I am getting a Hello and expecting new APIs soon.

What are the new features in the Beta? I haven’t seen anything in your docs on that.