Dear all, hoping you can help!

I have added 2x tkb home dual wall toggle switches to a new extension. Ive managed finally to let my smarthings hub add these to the network, but then they stopped working. I managed to exclude and then re-add them again, but…

They are visible on the SmartThings dashboard, but they won’t switch on if off, or off if on etc. I can press off on the dashboard, but it says switching off but then goes back to on when I refresh the page…

Is this a signal issue? It has on occasion worked, but it’s totally unreliable. Or is it a general fault or both?

Ive repaired the zwave network etc and tried everything, it just doesn’t work. I do have another tkb switch controlling the front lights and that works fine. Maybe I need a new controller other than smarthings, as this is generally a bit unreliable? Any suggestions and help?


How far away are the switches from hub? It might just be a range issue in which case you will need repeaters in between the hub and the switches to strengthen your network.

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They’re around 10 or 11 metres away. Is that enough to get range issues?

It just seems strange that they have worked and now they don’t.



Depends, sometimes it can be very weird. Is there a wall etc in between? I usually find the same behavior when there isn’t a strong mesh for the network to send commands. Best thing to do would be try putting a repeater in between, reconnecting the switches and then running a z-wave network repair so that they reassign their connection nodes.

Also forgot to ask, but, the switches run on z-wave right? and not zigbee? Since the equivalent of z-wave repair for zigbee is quite different.