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Range problems in a large home

(Doug) #1

Hello, all. Hoping you can help me. I have GE paddle dimmer zwave devices throughout the house, combined with door sensors, both Samsung and other brands. For a while, everything worked, but of late it seems like things are failing left and right. I lose switches for no apparent reason and have to re connect them to the hub. I am using a 2.0 hub. I have done countless mesh repairs, to no real avail. I have put range extenders all of the house, especially downstairs where things get more dicey. I am still running the classic Smartthings (never got any email from Samsung to upgrade). Would switching to the newer hub help? What about buying one of the Samsung Smartthings Mesh 3 packs and placing them on each of the three levels in the home? Any help appreciated!



Nope, and highly unlikely. Most likely you’re experiencing issues with the latest firmware release, at least that’s my guess based on the info you’ve provided.

I recommend calling (or emailing) ST support and get a ticket logged. You are not alone!


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Thanks. Will do!

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