New Smartthings Button Disconnects Regularly

I ordered the new Smartthings Button as soon as it was available. It looks very nice and I was excited to use it in my setup. I got it added quickly and it worked like a charm for the first few days. Then all of a sudden it started being unreliable. I have it set up to turn the lights in my bedroom on and off. It started not responding to commands and I went into the app only to find listed as unavailable. The only way to get it working again was to open it to disconnect the battery then re-connect. It starts working again but eventually disconnects. I know it’s not a range issue because I have a lot of switches that are also repeaters to help with range. Is anybody else seeing this behavior with the new button? Does anybody have any ideas as to what is causing this to disconnect?

Are your switches zigbee or zwave? The button is zigbee.

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I bought two of those buttons and installed them on Sept 16th. Neither one has dropped off the network. Both buttons are within forty foot of the hub. 60% of my devices are Zigbee so I’m not sure if having more devices improves connectivity.

I too would wonder if your switches are zigbee. Most of my switches are zWave, but I have strategically placed a few zigbee switches and outlet plug just for my wireless sensors. I have had two buttons for about a month and no disconnects.

I’m having the exact same problem. I submitted a request to Samsung to help, but they responded with the basic instructions on how to pair new devices. I don’t have any other zigbee/Zwave devices, but my buttons are less than 15ft from my SmartThings hub (the new WiFi router version). I reported it as a problem but still haven’t heard back.

Someone can chime in with a link, but Zigbee is very susceptible to interference from your wifi router as they share the same 2.4ghz band. Make sure you have your hub away from the router. I was having the same issue with some Zigbee door sensors a few months ago, moved my hub and everything started working.

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Thanks everybody for your helpful comments. It turns out that my repeater switches are indeed Z-wave. And that my router and hub are very close to each other. I’m going to get a Zigbee repeater and move my hub further from my router. Thanks again!

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