All my GE Outdoor ZWave Switches Have Failed

For some odd reason, all 4 of my GE (Jasco) ZWave ZW4201 switches no longer work correctly with Smartthings. You can not use Smartthings or any automations to turn on/off the switches. They appear offline. Oddly if you press the button it powers on/off the switch and the Smartthings status updates correctly so they aren’t entirely offline. All 4 of my switches are behaving the same way. I’m stumped

have you run z-wave repair and if so, were there any errors?

Ah yes. Should have mentioned this. Ran the Repair Z-Wave Network utility but it found no errors.

Run the exclusion and re-add …had a few of these drop off myself but now working again

Thx but that does nothing for me. Says no devices were deleted. The only way I could delete a device was to forcibly do it with the IDE. Now no way to re-add the device. The other 3 switches are still in the odd state. Can manually turn on/off with button and that updates smartthings on/off status. Still can’t however control any of them through smartthings app. The one device I forcibly deleted is just a paper weight now though I imagine I can still use it as an on/off switch if I manually press the button but nothing smart about that.

Reset my hub again and everything magically started working again. Go figure