Zooz double Z-Wave, single gang switch!

I just got an email teasing a new switch from Zooz that can control 2 loads: a dimmer and a relay! Looking forward to seeing this in the wild!


Please share more information about this device once you know more!

You guys @TheSmartestHouse hopefully will have these available as soon as you can, right? :wink:

Nice! Totally missed that in the Labor Day e-mail. I’ll be at CEDIA Expo and will ask about it.


That would be an interesting expo to go to. Share what you can, and keep an eye out for any new and cool Zigbee stuff!

Trying our best! Aiming for second half of October :slight_smile:


The sooner the better! I have an archaic zwave Leviton Vizia rf+ VRCS2-MR dual load switch controlling an old ceiling fan and light that I want to replace with this Zooz device. Like as in yesterday!


We’re with you but now it’s already looking like mid-November. As much as we want to rush it, we don’t want to rush into it, for everyone’s sake :wink:

We’ll post updates here as much as we can to keep everyone up to speed.

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Could you tell us if the device will be seen as 2 separate devices (as in 2 radios), or will the second switch be a child device?

But it’s Z-Wave John :wink:.


Yeah I know… :frowning:

I thought long and hard about using a couple in-wall zigbee micros, but there’s not a good option out there yet that I’ve found (that works well).

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Not sure if that would be even possible / allowed from certification standpoint since each device needs to be certified according to the latest Z-Wave library. If we put 2 chips into 1 device, MAYBE we could certify them separately somehow but that would drive up the cost substantially. So it will behave as any other multi-channel device (we know, not ideal for ST these days…): 1 master and 2 child devices.

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Yup, hence the VRCS2-MR’s $150 price tag 3 years ago. Boy I must have been desperate.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. But, I still use the Classic app, so bring it on! Maybe someday perhaps ST will get around to getting that capability into the new app.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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No problem, we’re pushing as much as we can to get official integration for all multichannel products so fingers crossed!


I have a double switch micro that has parent/child devices and it works fine in the Connect app.

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I was also hoping this would not use the child device approach. I’m curious if the child devices will have the same problem I’m experiencing with a different dual-relay device.

I have an Enerwave Dual Relay switch that also behaves as 2 child devices in the SmartThings Classic app (Amazon Link), but the problem is that when toggling the second child device physically, the SmartThings app does not reflect it as having been toggled. The load toggles successfully, and my fan turns on/off correctly, but the app doesn’t recongnize it as having been toggled, which is a problem because I’m using SmartThings to trigger other events when the second child device is toggled. I’ve worked with the Enerwave support team, and they are able to replicate the behavior on their end, and they say it’s a SmartThings issue. The first child device is recognized instantaneously, but the second child device is not automatically recognized as having been physically toggled.

@TheSmartestHouse, can you confirm whether or not that will be an issue with the Double Switch-Dimmer & Relay Combo given it will also be using the child device approach?

We’ve seen this issue with Vision relays we used to sell and as soon as it was reported to us we requested that the manufacturer update the firmware and they did so that was resolved. It’s a bug that Enerwave any anyone else should be able to fix.

The Double Switch doesn’t have any of these issues, we tested it with other hubs that don’t require a handler and it was picked up correctly, reporting just fine whenever any of the child devices was triggered. So we’re good here!


Still looking like mid-November?

We don’t have a firm date yet which means that it will be closer to the end of November but that can still be pushed depending on how fast we can get the certifications and if we run into any last-minute software or hardware issues. We’ll post again in a couple of weeks with another update. Thanks for checking in!

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