[Release] Zooz Zen22 Dimmer Switch

Here’s a device handler for the Zooz Zen22 Dimmer switch. The latest version only has two parameters. One parameter flips the switch upside down physically. The other controls whether the LED is on when the light is on or the LED will be on when the light is off. There is no “always off” option like some other dimmers.

There is actually a firmware bug that Zooz is looking at that will throw an error when trying to get the 2nd parameter (for the LED light). I coded around that in the handler, so everything should work fine.

Other things to note about this device:

  1. It’s Z-wave Plus
  2. It’s rated for LED
  3. It’s usually a great price from thesmartesthouse.com

One caveat though - it does not have the capability run as a 3-way like their toggle switch and the GE switches. There is no traveler terminal. However, if you want a standalone dimmer, this is a great switch to use.

March 31, 2018: Updated the handler to have the slider show 100%. It’s just a simple hack - 99% and 100% are both the same.

Note: Link has been changed since the original post


Nice! now my Zooz Zen21 switches need this to match :slight_smile:

Thanks for working on the DTH. The Zen22 seems like a good option for a Z Wave Plus dimmer. @TheSmartestHouse, are there any updates you can share about a fix for the above mentioned firmware bug, or plans to add an “always off” option for the LED? It doesn’t seem like those would require a hardware revision, but I’m not sure if existing units are firmware upgradeable. Can you comment on either of those things? Thanks.

We’re working on a new version of the switch which will have all of these issues addressed and include a number of extra improvements. Both software and hardware will be updated and the price will probably be a bit higher (still way better value than GE and other big brands). The new version should be available in 2-3 months from now, we’ll be sure to announce it here and on social media as well.

The switches may not be updated on the user side unfortunately so firmware is fixed for each version. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Just as an FYI, the firmware bug doesn’t affect operation at all. It only affects reading one of the parameters and the code in the DTH seamlessly handles it.

Mine works fine so far. Looking forward to seeing the new version.

For anyone using this device (@jkp, @ADHawk, @Automated_House ?) please note I moved the location of the source to properly integrate with github. The original post has been updated.

Also - the new version is out now and not only fixes the firmware bug but adds an option to disable the LED completely.


I have install this DH but none of the settings worked. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.

Did you install this handler for the original zen22 or for the new one? How did you install it?

Sorry I just saw that. I did not know there was two versions of teh Zen22. How do I know if it is new or old. I installed the DH like the other DH. Went to the API site, select location select DH and installed from the code. I select the new DH for the dimmer from the API site again.

Just found out the new DH. I installed the old DH, but i got my switches a while back. I will try the v2 DH to see if it improves.

Version two did the same.

If you go to the device in the IDE you can look at the fingerprint and tell which one you actually have. I have both versions and haven’t had any issues with the settings working. Its possible you have a bad one I suppose.

You can look at the back of the switch, it will say version 1.0 or version 2.0. Also version 2 comes with a neutral jumper. Another way to know is if you purchased the switches before August 2017, it’s most likely the old version since version 2 was released in August.

It is version 1 for sure I could not get it working on all 3 of the switches. May be I have a different batch. Anyway it is always great to get help. In this case we could not solve the issue but I still appreciate you taking time and answering the question.

Take care.

Does the basic function of on/off work at least? As far as the settings, there are only 2 - invert the switch and turn the LED on when the light is on. When you try one of them, do you save the settings? What happens after you set the setting? If you go back into the settings are they the way you left them?

Will it be possible to add double tap functionality?

I don’t know what you mean by double tap.

Some switches/dimmers have double or triple tap functionality that can be associated via the DTH. I read somewhere the all Z-Wave Plus ones might be capable.

For example:

Usage examples - double tap up for full brightness, triple tap up to activate another fixture.

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I didn’t see any reference to this capability in the manual. This is a hardware question for @TheSmartestHouse

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Sorry just saw your response. Yes basic out of box function works fine. I do save the settings but nothing happens it just. The settings are saved but they don’t take in to effect.