[Release] Zooz zen24 toggle dimmer v2

Here’s the handler for the new Zooz zen24 toggle dimmer, version 2. The new version allows it to work with your existing standard 3-way switch, like the other version zooz switches. They are also including a neutral wire, which is very convenient.

March 31, 2018: Updated the handler to have the slider show 100%. It’s just a simple hack - 99% and 100% are both the same.
August 11, 2018: Updated to add the fast ramp parameter.

Note that there is really no way to distinguish in the software the version that has the fast ramp parameter and the one that doesn’t, but it should be available in switches purchased after 2/1/18. Just try it and see if it works.


What does this handler do that the normal handler doesn’t do? I have this same switch in both 3way and 4way configurations in my home without any new DTH.

It only has one parameter to toggle the switch to make flipping it up turn it off or vice versa.

For anyone following the zen24, I put in a UI trick so that that the slider goes to 100%.

Set up this device handler but can’t seem to get smart things to recognize the device. Any tricks here?

Shouldn’t be any difficulties that I know of. I don’t have a more recent one of these switches, but I’m getting one I can test with.

Also make sure you’re on the SmartThings Classic app, not the new app since it doesn’t sync with device handlers yet.

Yes. I am thanks.

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Can anyone that is using this device comment if the shade of white is noticeably different than GE toggle dimmers?

I’ve read that the ZEN22 had that issue.

I had a GE toggle dimmer die and was thinking of replacing it with the zooz, but since it is in a bank of GE’s I don’t want to do this if the color is noticeably different.

I’ll be honest, that doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t see how the switch could affect the color of the lights. Either it delivers 120v or not. But I’ll defer to @TheSmartestHouse on that one.

@ctdennis - Did you ever get past this? I had no issues with the first release of version 2 or the later release (after 2/1/18).

Just a general note to anyone following this, the handler has been updated to handle the fast ramp parameter that was added after 2/1/18. Unfortunately, the same handler will be pulled for versions with and without the fast ramp parameter as there’s no way to distinguish them.

Details on the fast ramp parameter from the updated manual:
Off – light turns on to 100% brightness within 2 seconds, turns off within 4 seconds (default);
1 – light turns on to 100% brightness instantly, turns off within 1 second

Don, I think Greg was referring to the color of the physical switch, not the color of the light.

BTW, thanx for the Zen22 DTH … using it on a 3-way setup … the Zen22v2 matches the color of the other Zen22v2 switch next to it in the same box :wink:


Now that makes sense! Sorry I was in downright geek mode there! LOL


I was referring to the color of the switch

Yes and thanks for checking in. I finally did, after they sent a replacement device. Had to rebuild the mesh about 4 times, after adding/ removing switch from a few different locations. I think the issue was distance. The GE devices tend to handle distance from hub better than the ZEN24.

While we get occasional remarks about the shade of white for the paddle switches, we haven’t seen any similar feedback for the toggle version. You can always try it and if it doesn’t match your plate or other switches in the box, you can send it back to us for a refund. Most of our customers don’t notice any difference even for the paddle switches but we admit there are a few who considered it important enough to highlight in their reviews. We looked into changing the color to be closer to GE but it still wouldn’t match other brands of regular and smart paddle switches since almost every one is a bit different shade of white, and most importantly, the new shade wouldn’t match our existing Zooz switches. We usually follow customer feedback blindly but this one is tough if we want to make everyone happy…

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Need to add a couple of additional pieces of metadata (mmnm, vid) for the new SmartThings Connect app. No device settings still there, but you can turn it on/off in the new app. This is mostly just a temporary change so at least you can use the device for now until they finish baking this stuff and actually publish something.