[OBSOLETE] Zooz Zen22 v2 Dimmer

There’s now a version 2 of the Zooz zen22 dimmer and they’ve made some fixes, changes, and improvements. There’s a new parameter to disable the LED completely and it will work with existing 3-way switches! The device handler is here.

February 11, 2018 : Handler updated for new ramp speed parameter, which is only valid for switches purchased after 2/1/18. Note that the handler cannot differentiate between newer switches and older ones, so the fast ramp toggle will be there, but will do nothing.

March 31, 2018: Updated the handler to have the slider show 100%. It’s just a simple hack - 99% and 100% are both the same.

Note: Link to source updated since original post.


I just ordered one of these from @TheSmartestHouse I’m eager to try it since it could be a game changer at $25 for a whole 3-way circuit.

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@doncaruana do you have GitHub integration allowed in your repo?

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@Automated_House - I probably don’t to be honest - was just looking at it and I don’t think I ever did that. I’ll try to get that setup later tonight. I have my repository set up, but I don’t think it’s integrated. More learnin’… :slight_smile:


Thanks! Makes it easy to keep things up to date.

@Automated_House - I think the github integration is set up properly now. Check it out and let me know.

it did integrate, but when installing the groovy it fails due to an error. Can’t tell what the error is, though.

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I installed the switch yesterday and this handler worked great! i was never able to get github integration to work without an error, so I manually added the handler. I do have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Change the color scheme to match the new SmartThings default colors. You currently have green for On and SmartThings now uses blue.

  2. If possible, add dim rate settings. Here is what the GE switch allows:

Dim Rate Adjustments
Both the number of steps (or levels) that the dimmer will change and the timing of the steps can be modified to suit personal preferences. The timing of the steps can be adjusted in 10 millisecond intervals. As an example, the default setting for parameter 8 is “3”. This means that the lighting level will change every 30 milliseconds when the Dim Command is received. A value of 255 would mean that the level would change every 2.55 seconds. Combined, the two parameters allow dim rate adjustments from 10 milliseconds to 4.2 minutes to go from maximum-to-minimum or minimum-to-maximum brightness levels.

  1. When Receiving a Z-Wave Dim Command

Parameter 7 (number of steps or levels)
Parameter 8 (timing of the steps)
Length: 1 Byte
Valid Values:
Parameter 7 (default = 1) Valid Values: 1-99
Parameter 8 (default = 3) Valid Values: 1-255
2. Manual Control Dimming (pressing the Dimmer’s button)

Parameter 9 (number of steps or levels)
Parameter 10 (timing of the steps)
Length: 1 Byte
Valid Values:
Parameter 9 (default = 1) Valid Values: 1-99
Parameter 10 (default = 3) Valid Values: 1-255

Thanks for the color suggestion - hadn’t even noticed!!

As far as dim rate, that’s not available, unfortunately. I would like to see it myself, but the device doesn’t allow that. I’ve offered my own feedback in that regard to thesmartesthouse.

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@Automated_House - Thanks for being patient!

I figured out the integration issue. What it boils down to is that the metadata name has to match the file and directory name. I don’t think this is documented anywhere. :slight_smile:

So, if you want you can go through and connect to mine now. I also updated the colors to match.

There is one caveat…there seems to be some weirdness in the IDE currently. So there’s a newline mismatch after the integration. Once you pull it over (most likely anything right now, not just mine), it will show as blue in the IDE, meaning there’s a difference. Just open up the DTH in the IDE, scroll to the very bottom and add a line and save. Now it will turn black and you’re good to go from now on.

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@elf - Here’s the solution for the integration here.

Thanx … everything works fine now :thumbsup: … except for the newline, LOL, but that’s VERY minor.

Yeah - that one is annoying!! If I had any hair, I would have pulled it out today trying to figure that out! I think it’s an IDE issue though. Hopefully, they fix it (or tell us how to fix it).

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that works, thanks! Not sure if this a handler or switch firmware issue, but i get 2-3 logs in the live log and the device history in the app for every on/off state change.

I’m going to look at this dth a little closer tomorrow but part of the issue is that it is reporting both the physical and digital status. I think it’s a firmware thing, to be honest because I couldn’t do anything to stop it in the handler itself.

The physical/digital thing is an issue for non-dimmers. For this one, the firmware is returning an extra (basic) report on every action, in addition to the multilevel report. So I removed the basic report. Should now get only one event displayed in the device history.


Device history looks good! i’ll take a peak at live logging when i’m home tonight.

Did this all get sorted out?

Just ordered a couple, can’t wait to try them out!

@doncaruana, thanks in advance for the dh! Wondering if this switch like many others needs/has the option to specify what load type is being used?

Also wondering if the 15W minimum Led load they state hasn’t been an issue for anyone? I know I have one circuit that only has two leds on it and I’m a little concerned…

Haven’t tested any load minimum but there is neither a need or ability to set the load type that I have seen.

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Are you able to take a look at your devices and see if you’re able to set dim level to 100%? It won’t let me set it past 99.

Also, any chance of adding arrows beside on off button to adjust dim level? Like this: