[Release] Zooz zen23 toggle switch v2

Here’s the handler for the new Zooz zen23 toggle switch, version 2. The new version allows it to work with your existing standard 3-way switch, like the other version 2 zooz switches. They are also including a neutral wire, which is very convenient.

One note - the inclusion and exclusion don’t actually require you to toggle all the way up and down. To include you just push up 3 times, to exclude, you push down 3 times.

Note: Link has been changed since original post
Note2: Link has been changed since the updated post
Update 7/12/19: Changed the fingerprints to distinguish from v3.x


I wish there was a dth for the zen21 :blush:

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@jkp - There will be shortly. I’ve got one on the way. I’ll tag you when I post it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! You’re the best!

@jkp - As promised… [Release] Zooz Zen21 switch v2

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Thanks so much. Going to install it shortly.

I installed the DTH. I then installed the switch and paired it with ST. The switch operates properly and can be turned on and off with ST. The problem I am having is with the reporting of its status. It reports the correct status instantly when it is flipped on or off. However, after a few minutes, when in “off” the status in ST says “on”. This makes it unusable for automation, because to get it to function one has to switch it “off” first and then “on”. Any ideas?

I didn’t notice that behavior at all, although I took this one off where I was testing it. I’ll hook it back up and check it again. I’ve never noticed that kind of behavior with any of the zooz switches.

I excluded the switch from ST. I then deleted the device handler. I then paired the switch without the device handler. The switch was found as a z-wave relay. However, it does respond and report its status properly.
What does the device handler add?

Good feedback. Although honestly, there’s really nothing that would change the status in the handler. It strictly processes events. Are you saying that the switch was still off, but ST said it was on?

Yes, the switch initially would report as off, but then after a minute or two it reports as on even though the switch is off. It then continues to report as on even though the switch is off.

Give it another try please. I think I fixed the issue. I honestly don’t know what was causing it. I rebuilt the handler and never could figure out what was different to make that happen, but I saw it too.

That fixed it. Thank you.

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Updated this handler to remove the extra report you may have noticed in the events. There is no actual physical/digital distinction although you are led to believe so. Everything is reported no matter what. This is a common problem actually with non-dimmer switches, so I just removed it.

Do I need this DH? I just added a zoos zen23 and it seems to be working with the default it was given. What does this give me?



For this one, the only parameter is to invert the switch. I’m not sure if the default will give you that or not. If that doesn’t matter to you, then you probably would be fine without it. Use the default, if you have issues, try this one. If you have issues with this one, let me know.

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@doncaruana, I have used your ZEN21 device handler. Thank you it is a big improvement. The issue I am seeing may have to do with using Connect Home hubs with the ZEN21 product. What I am seeing is that the status is not updated properly. I had this same problem before installing your handler. Before I installed your handler, when the lights are turned on with an up toggle from an off state, the lights will turn on, but the status will not be updated to “on”. Using your handler the status will update to “turning on” but it does not update to “on”. At this point if I try to turn the light off, nothing will happen no matter how long I wait. Looking at the logs, the handler is still trying to turn “on” the lights. When I recycle the screen on my phone, it will update to the right status. Seems like a timing issue with the status update? After recycling the phone, and press the down toggle to turn the lights off, the lights will turn off, but the status again will not update “off” until the phone screen is recycled. Any ideas?

Jim - sorry I haven’t been on here - lot of stuff going on personally.

Have you gotten anywhere with this? I have to say I’m at a complete loss with it.



Thanks. After using for awhile I think this is a smartthings issue not
your code. Like I said I had a similar problem before implementing your
code. I think there is a timing issue with confirming the change of state
with the switch. When I change the switch from the “my home” screen the
screen never changes state, from off to on. However if the press the
device “hall light” the state then is changed when I go into the individual
device screen. However when looking at the log, there is no additional
data going across Z-wave. This would imply the state change data is
received but the screen is not updated. In your code the screen goes from
"off" to “turning on”, but never to “on”

Thanks for responding. Take care of life and don’t worry about this.
Have a good day.

The new SmartThings Connect app requires a couple of additional pieces of metadata (mmnm, vid). No device settings still there, but you can turn it on/off in the new app. This is mostly just a temporary change so at least you can use the device for now until they finish baking this stuff and actually publish something.