[RELEASE] Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke Detector (Beta)

(Kenneth Evers) #1

Well, thought I’d share my very basic code for the Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke detector. It’s currently working with ST and reading SMOKE and CLEAR event’s correctly.

But it doesn’t do anything other than that though… no battery, no sound level, no health check etc. Maybe someone else can get those parameters to work (should be possible as the Xiaomi gateway and Mi app can do this with the same detector), feel free do dabble on from my basic rough code :slight_smile:

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Heiman Smoke Detector z-wave plus 868.42MHz (HS1SA-Z)
(Andrew Rees) #2

Nice one, was going to buy one but couldn’t find a device handler. Will buy one and try it out. Cheers.

(Valentino Baccolini) #3

Any new? Update?

(Andrew Rees) #4

I got one, works a treat. No problems so far.

(Ben Erkens ) #5

I had it working and suddenly 5:30u a wakeup call by the smoke detector.

False alarm, but the smoke detector remains in “smoke detected” mode.

Anybody an idea how to reset it? Can’t find it in the leaflet.

How to unpair / remove it?

(Ben Erkens ) #6