Heiman Smoke Detector

I’ve recently purchased a Heiman Smoke Detector. It’s Zigbee 3.0 and I was expecting it to work relatively simply with a custom device handler. I’ve scoured through the forum and found this DHT:

created by @Mariano_Colmenarejo but I’ve never been able to get it to show either smoke detected or clear. I just constantly get the crossed out cloud symbol in the app.

Things seem to be connected ok, and the detector is currently in my office around 3 feet from the hub. Over night the detector went offline and I had to hard reset it to get it to reconnect, but now I don’t get a battery reading either.

This is what I am currently seeing in the IDE:

I previously had battery under current states, but I’ve never had any detection which I’d expect.

Has anyone got any tips on getting this to work successfully with SmartThings?

Hi Stefan,

From what I see in your captures they are of the same model as mine, but is not correct installed.
I have 3 and they have been working well since November 2020 with that modified DTH.

To work fine with that DTH you have to do the following:

  • With the modified dth already published in your IDE
  • Delete the device from the app.
  • Reset the device and pair it again, with find near.
  • It will detect device with your published dth

To work fine as local:

  • Edit the code of the dth published in your IDE and give it the same name as the stock dth “Zigbee Smoke Sensor”, save and publish.

This should work fine.

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Thank you so much! Changing the DTH name and repairing fixed it perfectly. Thanks again


You are wellcome, Stefan

I’m glad it works for you.

The smoke information is refreshed every 180 sec and the battery every 20 minutes, whenever there is a level variation. They consume very little battery, in 9 months, 2 of them remain at 100% and the other at 50%, I do not know if it will be because of the battery with a lower initial charge.
They are very sensitive, in the kitchen if you forget turn on the extractor and if it does some smoke, it activates quickly

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