Hive with 3rd party TRV

Hi Guys.

So I have the Hive active heating installed. I was wondering if anyone knows of any 3rd party TRV that I could use with Hive / ST

It’s a real bummer Hive don’t do their own TRV and only having to hbe system installed not long a go I really don’t want want to rip it out. So was wondering if there is any cleaver magic with ST to bridge the two?

Thanks in advance.

Hi chaps. Any ideas?

As long as the trv works with SmartThings is doesn’t have to be directly compatible with hive as you could easily create WebCore pistons to control either.

Thanks mate. I guess I am looking for something that will turn the rads up or down depending on how I want them. Of course this is based on what the temp is on the hive. Am I asking to much

  1. turn rads on or off.
  2. turn rads up or down based on temp
  3. turn rads on or off based on temp.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never used TRVs but wouldn’t mind some.
But yeah like I say as long as they are controllable through SmartThings as normal and your hive is connected with SmartThings then they will interact with each other like any other device.
Are there any TRVs that work with SmartThings in the UK I’ve not looked I know maplins sell them.
I’ve got a few daft pistons set up for my hive thermostat.
One where if any of the doors are left open for more than 10 mins and the temp is more than 18c turn the heating off lol…

Thanks mate. From reading the forums it seems the Danfoss LC13 might be the way to go. What i cant seem to find out is how the TRV is making a call to the boiler or to a non Danfross thermostat which in my case is my Hive system.

I may need to look into them but I didn’t think they directly communicated with the thermostat or boiler at all…
I think they are just open and close valves that are controlled through the app that comes with them , and in our case the SmartThings app.

OK. So just wondering they setup for

If room temp = 20 then turn TRV on to highest setting etc. Just trying to get my head around what would be needed.

In theory you might not even need to touch them , most have a small LCD screen set the temp to what you want that room to be and do that for each one in each room.
And on the main hive set the schedule to the times and heat you want

I know this thread is now quite old, but according to the Hive product ideas section they (Hive) will be releasing their own TRV’s in H1 2019.
No price mentioned.