Help Finding Suitable TRV (UK)

Hi all

I have Smartthings and currently using Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat which integrates nicely. I am looking for some TRVs that will natively integrate with ST, preferably without having to buy some other sort of hub to manage, but seems slim pickings.

Can anyone recommend?
Thanks in advance


What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Im in the UK.
Have a Popp POPE010101 at the moment and enabled a device handler in ST, but struggling to get it connected in the ST app.

I am also interested in a TRV to work with ST “out of the box”. From my research seems interesting the Danfoss Ally (Zigbee). But I could not find a proper European buying channel. I prefer Zigbee as I don’t have any Z-Wave device and I am not sure whether I would need a Z-wave repeater, given the spread of my radiators. I am in Romania, by the way. Any experiences with Ally? O course, other recommendations are welcomed. But please consider I am just a user, so advanced “Groovy” or Webcore is not for me.

Try using the default Danfoss DTH. It seems the SmartThings update from classic killed off alot of the custom device handlers.

Will give that a god - currently using the default Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat DH and also tried the DHs that come up in the community search pages but they don’t work.

I have a Danfoss/Popp Popp POPE010101 Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat which I have managed to add to my ST Hub. This lets me see the current radiator temperature and has heating controls. When I update the desired temperature in the ST app, this sends to the TRV, and updates the display, but the actuator isn’t getting controlled.

Will try the default Danfoss DTH and report back.


I’m also looking for a solution for a working TRV.