Can the HSM200 motion sensor (with color changing bulb) still be integrated into ST?

I’m no expert in ST but was able to do enough under the old Groovy IDE system of making a virtual switch to integrate things between Alexa and ST. But that’s my extent of knowledge of ST integration beyond what’s compatible naturally. I just bought the HomeSeer HSM200 motion sensor wanting to utilize it’s bulb that changes color for different ST integrations. Is it possible to add it into ST with the new system online?? I can’t find any info that pertains and the limited stuff I find seems quite technical. Can anyone help by letting me know if it’s still possible and if so is there a layman’s way of describing what needs to be done? Thank you so much everyone.

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In one of the edge driver threads someone said they got the light to work by using the zwave multicolor light edge driver. I can’t figure out how to assign that edge driver to it. Mine was recently changed over to zwave sensor. I use the motion sensor occasionally but the light is what I really use it for.
Mine is useless now, hopefully I can get the light to work sooner or later.

How do you install an edge driver in the new website/system? It’s a whole new display.

See section 2 in the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

@csstup is a very active community developer who has done one of the more popular edge drivers for zwave sensors. :sunglasses:

He says he’ll be glad to add the HSM200, but he needs to borrow one so he can test with it. If anyone reading this thread would like to talk to him about it, see the following post, click on his icon, and send him a private message.