[OBSOLETE] hsm200 multisensor

  1. Can I use the HomeSeer Muntisensor HSM200 Device Handler and an HSM200 Device, as a Alarm Mode Status Monitor ?

Red - Armed (away)n - Vacation Mode
Yellow - Armed (stay) - Night Mode
Green - Disarmed - Home Mode

  1. Do I also need a SmartApp to go with it ?


Yes, in Automations you can use the Alarm Status as the “IF” and the device’s “Status LED Color” for “THEN”.

No, it’s fully functional with the built-in Automations app.


Thanks !!


The HSM200 Device can today.

Took me 2 minutes to Pair it up with Smartthings, after I already add the Device Handled into my Smartthings IDE.

Work great. Just what I wanted.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi there! I’ve added the project handler (thanks btw!) and when I add the hsm200 the barcode won’t work so I enter the pin. ST reports it can’t fully complete secure setup and add the hsm200 as a ‘light’ with power, brightness, color, etc. – none of which has any function, nor is the function desired (Temperature).
Any ideas how I might get this to function as a temperature sensor?

Open the device in the IDE and change the Type field to the custom DTH. It will be at the bottom of the list.

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Thank you added without much issue following the steps above and the device handler is working as expected. Thanks for all your work on it, very much appreciated.

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Hey Kevin, When I turn the LED off on my HSM200, the device also turns off. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much, and thanks for all your work on this. :smile:

I don’t think it’s possible to turn the device off so what makes you think that it is?

When I go into the user interface, the HSM200 shows as off. And when I turn the LED off, the HSM begins to turn off.

post screenshots because on/off are only tied to the LED and shouldn’t have any impact on the rest of the handler…

It doesnt seem like there is much traffic here recently but figured id ask. I have tried and tried multiple times to get the HSM200 working with smartthings hub v3. It will work for a small period of time after initial setup and then it just stops reporting. It will still be connected at this point but just doing nothing. Then if i unplug the HSM200 and plug it back in, it will never show online again. Then i have to remove it from the network, exclude it, factory reset the hsm200, remove the device handler. Then i start all over and it will work for a short period again (maybe 1 hour) before it basically bricks again.
Steps i am using to add it are as follows:
1: Create new device handler in IDE, Copy all code, create, save, publish (for me).
2: Then the only way i can add the hsm200 as a new device is by adding as a generic zwave device, it asks for barcode or pin, i enter the pin and it adds to ST. (i have also tried taking a picture of the barcode on the back and scanning the barcode, it simply doesnt recognize the barcode on another phone screen).
3: Then i go to my devices in IDE, edit, then either change type to HSM200 device handler or it already defaults to it. (i have had it happen both ways).
4: Then i watch it for 30 minutes or so. Seems good at this point so far. So i change temp reporting interval and some of the other defaults. Then eventually it just stops reporting some things and then stops reporting all together.
Did i get a faulty unit? Is there some step i am missing? i am struggling here and hoping someone can help.
Thanks in advance.

Does it still eventually stop working if you don’t change the settings?

Are you still able to control the LED when it stops reporting?

If you swipe down on the device details screen, re-open the mobile app, and check the device’s history, does it show any new values?

I’ve seen complaints from other users about this problem, but it’s not something my handler could cause so you’ll most likely need to contact HomeSeer.

Any future plans for supporting HSM200 post-GROOVY support removal from SmartThings (next month?)

I don’t use any of the HomeSeer products with SmartThings so I probably won’t be writing drivers for any of them, but last I heard, HomeSeer was submitting their devices for Works with SmartThings certification which should eliminate the need for a custom driver for most of their devices.

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Hey Kevin, I know you don’t own any of these, but from what I understand you built the custom DTH currently in production for this device, no? If so, just curious as to how the DTH could be built without having the device physically avail and the challenges of matching the feature set under the edge driver environment…

I didn’t say that I don’t own all of HomeSeer’s devices, I said I’m not using any of them with SmartThings and that’s because I’ve moved most of my devices to a different platform.

Now that ST supports custom capabilities and custom handlers execute locally I’ll most likely move some of my devices back to SmartThings, but it doesn’t make sense for me to spend time writing fully functional drivers that I don’t plan on using for myself any time soon…


Ah got it. Understood. I am just trying to find a source for myself and others ahead of Sept 30 to maintain full functionality of this nifty device. I primarily use it to act as an alarm notification via the device’s colour changing feature. It was uncertain from your last msg whether it was difficult to create a new edge driver for this device.

Hey Kevin, I’m looking at buying a homeseer and curious which platform you have yours connected to and how well it works in whichever ecosystem.


I’m not sure if HomeSeer was able to get their devices certified by SmartThings yet so I’m not sure if any of the advanced functionality will be available by 9/30.

I emailed them this morning to let them know that all their custom Groovy handlers will stop working on 9/30, but even if they decide to have drivers written for some of their products that’s not something I’d be able to even start working on before the 9/30 deadline.

I think all their devices are fully supported by Hubitat, but I’m not a huge fan of that platform either…