EZ Multipli HSM200 light and vacancy control?

I purchased several of the HS-200 sensors that I’ve been trying to deploy for different control applications. I have two questions- in the DH, one is there a way to change the color of the device in different modes, or even one time (I’ve tried different codes, but evidently only 8 work)? The bigger question is, I’ve tried to use the device as a vacancy sensor (the cloud response is too slow for occupancy sensing). and I’m using an automation where if there is no motion for 15 minutes then it turns the lights off. The problem is that the lights turn off randomly not after 15 minutes. Do I need to check the lights are on already (which I’m trying now)?

That device only has eight colors, it’s not an RGB light, so that part’s OK.

As far as changing the colors, you don’t do that in the DTH, you do it with an automation or Webcore. It’s definitely doable, people have used that as a notifier before. But you need to have the right DTH to begin with To make the colors controllable. So the capability is in the DTH, but the instruction to change from one color to another is in a smart app/automation. Here’s a DTH with that feature that looks like it’s working with the new V3 app:

[RELEASE] HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200

Not sure what to say about the “No motion” issue, hopefully someone else will know.

Because two of your questions are about automations and I’ve already answered the third one, I’m going to move this thread to automations.

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If you use the handlers in the topic @JDRoberts linked to above you can set the motion clear time to 15 minutes and setup the automation so that motion active turns it on and motion inactive turns it off.

The motion sensor will reset its internal timer every time it detects motion which extends the 15 minutes.

After installing the handlers you should remove the device and join it again to unsure the new UI gets displayed.

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This looks like a new custom handler? I’ve got a DH for this device, but this one looks slightly different. This appears it will solve the light color limitation and motion issues. I’m fairly new to ST, but is there any way to update the DH, without removing and re-installing the device? If I go down the re-install path, I’d have to add the logic back in manually?

After installing and publishing the new handler
open the device in the IDE and change the Type field.

The changes should appear in Automations immediately, but it may take a while for the UI to update. Changing the label field in the IDE sometimes forces it to update.

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I’ve successfully re-published the new DH, but can’t change the type in the IDE. Any other ideas how to force the update?

it looks like my UI is different. So I am seeing the new functionality. Thanks!

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Were you able to use the new functionality to implement the automations you mentioned in your first post?

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The color change works as expected now. I initially set of the vacancy sensor and it triggered almost immediately. I will wait and try this one again when fewer people are around. The other thing I’m noticing now is that the prior temperature calibrations I set up no longer appear to be valid and I can’t change them in the new GUI, although I can see them. Any ideas?

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You should be able to change that setting from the device’s settings screen in the mobile app.

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Evidently this is a new setting and the old setting stays and cannot be edited. But the new setting does work, I’ll just need to re-calibrate these again. Thanks

If you remove and factory reset the device it will change all the settings back to their default values.

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