Homeseer hsm200 no longer working

Since the last SmartThings Update this past week (July 1, 2023), i have found that my HSM200 Multi-Sensors are no longer working. Seems SmartThings has deleted the Device Driver for it and assigned it as a generic “Zwave Switch”

Can anyone help me.



The official Homeseer driver channel information is here.

  • sign up for the channel, using the link in the post above.
  • install the driver or drivers for the devices you have to your hub within that sign up process.
  • once installed, then go back to your ST app and on a device tile, use the 3 dot menu “Driver” option, then Change Driver. You should be given a list of drivers installed on your hub, which now includes the Homeseer drivers you installed earlier.
  • repeat changing for each device you need to.

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That Worked.
My Devices are working like before.


That Worked.
My Homeseer Devices are working like before.

Another Question: How can I find out about other Edge Drivers that maybe available ???


You can find community and manufacturer – created edge Drivers listed on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

They are separated by device class, so there is one list for sensors, one list for locks, etc.

FAQ: Using the quick browse lists without the community wiki

The lists will bring you back to topics in this forum, they are just intended to be a quicker way to search.