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[RELEASE] Fibaro FGBS-001 Universal Binary Sensor (UBS)

(Zoran Markovic) #82

Hello, can anyone help me with what I am trying to do please? I managed to add the binary sensor to my hub using this handler. I would like to use it with my intercom, to get a notification when someone rings the intercom (contact 2) and to be able to buzz the door for them (contact 1). I would like to sort out the contact 1 first as that function is more important to me.
In the attached photo, where I am holding the black wire with my hand and making contact with the red one, the intercom is buzzing (the door is kept unlocked) so I would assume the hardware bit works fine, I just need ‘a button’ which would connect these two wires while screwed onto the Fibaro Binary Sensor. When I manually press ‘open’ or ‘close’ in the smartthings app, nothing happens. Also, while I buzz the door using the intercom normally, the is no change in the ‘open/close state’ on contact 1 (although the app notices a connection on contact 1, when having the default handler as ‘z wave device multi-channel’ or something like that). I tried all sorts of different handlers with no success. I am also attaching a scheme of my intercom in case anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!

(Zoran Markovic) #83

This is the scheme of my intercom, it did not allow me to upload more than one image in a post

(Simon) #84

Unfortunately you cannot control the relay outputs on the Binary Sensor. They are purely a passthru from the inputs.

(Zoran Markovic) #85

Thank you for your fast reply! Should the contact 2 function work (to get a notification when someone rings the intercom)? Would it be able to change the state from closed to open or something in the app? Do you have any advice how can I achieve what I want with the intercom?

(Simon) #86

The Binary Sensor will register if someone closes contact 1 or 2 and you could setup a smart app to notify you when this happens. Maybe a push notification, a buzzer or a light. If you want to ‘buzz’ the door then you will need an additional relay to do this. A Fibaro FGS-212 would be fine for this as it has a dry contact.

(Zoran Markovic) #87

Great, thank you so much for your help!

(Borristhecat) #88

@Zoran_Markovic When you close contact one output one closes aswell and opens when you release contact 1. This is the same for contact 2 and output 2. There is no way to stop this from happening or control them in any other way.

So if you want when contact 1 button is pressed for the buzzer to “buzz” and for you to be notified this is possible but you won’t be able to make it buzz on its own.