Adding fibaro motion sensor

Hi, im trying to add a fibaro motion sensor to my smartthings and having no luck. I saw a few posts about people getting ti to work but haven’t been successful myself. Anyone been able to add one to a US smartthings and is there any plans to integrate fibaro equipment?


Did you buy your motion sensor in the US? If so, may I ask where?

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There are different Z-Wave frequencies for Europe than US. Make sure you have a US sensor with a US hub or Europe to Europe.

I bought it in the UK, but being aware of the different frequencies. In the specification for the product it says its a universal z-wave sensor supporting all z-wave frequencies, see link

I’m going to email fibaro to see if there is a way to switch region on the sensor.

I do not read the Operating Manual the way you do : for me, it does NOT say the device is unique for all Z-Wave frequencies, but rather that there are different VERSIONS of the device [EU, US, ANZ, RU], each operating at a different radio frequency [singular] such as :
869 MHz EU;
908 MHz US;
921 MHz ANZ;
869 MHz RU

I myself was able to buy in France a US version for the “Fibaro Door/Window Sensor”, but it has a different SKU number from the EU version; likely the “motion sensor” has the same limitation.

I do have a Fibaro motion sensor (which is a multisensor actually).It is the European model as I am in Greece.It is
detected as Aeon multisensor but no data is displayed.How can I make a device type in groovy for this?Anywhere to get started?

I too purchased the fibaro motion sensor here in the US, not sure what version I have but it does not work. It actually shows up as a door sensor. What do I do, I have excluded, included numerous times and it’s eating me up.

Please offer any advice. Thx!

I have it playing for a long time now as the device type is recognized officialy by the ST platform.
To elaborate on that i want to tell yoy @Mcsholdings just change the device type to “Fibaro Motion Sensor” from and you are good to go!