Fibaro Universal Sensor - to read temperature


I’ve purchased the above hoping to setup it up to monitor the hot water temperature in my heating system (I’ve also purchased some DS18B20 sensors, with the built in chip. I’ve got the Fibaro unit up and running, and connected to Smart Things. But I can’t seem to find a handler to record temperature. I have searched the forum and I can see handlers for connecting to PIRs and alarm systems, but not just plain old temperature measuring. Does anyone have any pointers?

Thanks in advance…

Did you ever manage to resolve this ? I too am trying to use the fibaro USB to measure temperature . I have connected 3 temp probes and paired to ST. But looks like ST only picking it up as a simple switch

This should solve your problems:

Hi, not sure what you mea by USB? I managed to get hot water reading but I used the Fibaro door sensor in the end, this (bizarrely) also has a connector for the temperature probe.

Means ubs rather than usb.

This handler linked above (that I created and the SmartThings forums notified me for some reason) should give a lot more features including child devices which can make it easier to use in automations and rules.