Fibaro FGBS-001

(Vincent Arancio) #1


All my devices is ok, except my Fibaro Binary Universal (Fibaro FGBS-001) with a ds18b20 (Temp sensor)
He is pairing like a Multichannel Switch but I don’t have any temperatur indication.

All my routines are move from Vera to ST and all device just 2 devices (Comet Zwave and this issue with Fibaro)

Thank for help

(Robin) #2

Haven’t tried it myself but there is guidance and a device handler in the following thread that may help:

If you are still struggling I suggest you ask in the above thread.

(Vincent Arancio) #3

OK I try directly :slight_smile:

(Vincent Arancio) #4

It’s WORKS !

My move to ST is incredibly good.
Just my two Comet Zwave valves but I was expecting that.

I was afraid to change because I had been with Micasaverde for years, but I’m glad I changed.
The hub seems to me of good quality, the interface is much more friendly and the community is just efficient and fast.


(David Lodin) #5

Could you share the code plz? Just got a SmartThings and moving my Fibaro things.
Got the same as above; Fibaro Binary Universal (Fibaro FGBS-001) with a ds18b20 (Temp sensor).
Would be very happy! =)

(Robin) #6

I’ve seen lots of people asking around but I’m afraid I have never seen a handler for the universal binary sensor that can also handle a ds18b20.

The only handlers for that device give you two contact sensors and parameter options.

The above discussion relates to the door / window sensor which can also wire to a ds18b20.

(cjcharles) #7

I use the UBS but not as a temp sensor, I’ll see if I can quickly modify it to include temp sensors, though it might be a bit of a guess as I don’t think it is well documented (if you’re happy to try a few things I’ll give it a go)