Fibaro Smart Implant

Is there anyone who have a DH for Smart Implant?

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The website says its not available yet… until it is available it’s basically vaporware.

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That’s the new generation of the Fibaro universal sensor (FGBS-001) . (although it says it will have an IFTTT connection, that is only if you are using the Fibaro home center hub instead of SmartThings).

the physical specs look very similar to the previous generation, so I am guessing that the Wi-Fi component may depend on using it with the fIbaro home center rather than this device itself, but I can’t tell for sure until they release more information on it.

I haven’t heard of anyone who has one yet. If you are in the beta program, you can take a look at what people are doing with the previous generation and see if that helps any.

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They are avaiable, at least in Europe, link

I know it support Z-wave plus, that is what I want and the difference from previous modell.

Hi. I am looking at the same device - thinking to connect it in my home. Have you succeed working with it? or maybe you found some other device that works on low voltage as well.

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No success so far, actually I have not had the time. Maybe I take it up again during the winter. I am not programmer and even if I have written some smart apps for my own use, I haven’t been able to write a device handler yet.
I have seen one other low voltage device on the net, but it is far more uncommon and much more expensive than the Fibaro device, so it is not a good option for me.

An answer from Fibaro tech support:


the device may work with limited functionalities as for now.

We will prepare a handler for the Smarthings Classic app soon.


Hi Gil - did you hear anything back from Fibaro support? I just received a Smart Implant and would be happy to use a device handler from them instead of cobbling something together myself. Thanks!

Nothing new - Just the previous response.
I have one too (somewhere in one of my drawers), Please inform if you succeeds getting notifications on input changes.

I’ve asked Fibaro if something new on this and the answer is:


I do not have any information about it. The change may not happen till the end of this year as I was advised.

I apologize for the inconvenience

I think that I’ll write my own DH for this smart implant. Will anyone help?

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I really want to help but i dont have the knowledge. Been trying with the dh for the old one whitout succsess…

I just placed an order for a couple of implants. I can help write the DH.

Perfect! Keep us updated

Any success yet?

My order should have arrived a few days ago but hasn’t yet. I’ll keep this thread updated with any progress.

Not yet. Didn’t received the order yet.

Hey all, any news regarding smart implant device type? it’s two days i try but I never figure out how to read second input.


Any update to this DH?

I started working on this DH today. If anyone has done some work on it already, or would like to help, please let me know.


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