Recommendation for quick response motion sensor

Looking for a recommended Z-Wave or Zigbee motion sensor that responds fast.

I have not that good experience with the AEOTEC Z-Wave Plus Multisenso​r 6, ZW100 as its response time is pretty slow - it takes 2-4 seconds to sense motion (it is connected through constant USB power).

I am also looking for a replacement, I love the ability to put them in the ceiling but am beginning to wonder if they are the slow part of my system. What are you considering for a replacement?

I’m using the SmartThings motion sensor ( and its great. No issues with speed of response that I’ve encountered. I have them triggering lighting in an understairs bathroom and I would say the lights are on within about a second of motion.

I have some Xiamoi ones on order and expected maybe this week, which I’m looking forward to trying out. I will report on their effectiveness once I get them.

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I really like the BeSense motion detector. Allows me to have a polling time of 5 seconds or 3 minutes by setting a jumper. I wanted the quicker time for a hallway light that turns on quickly and resets fast so if someone comes right after the light comes back on. So far 3 months and only 50% battery usage.

BeSense Z-Wave Sensors

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I’m now realising that the cloud execution for the Xiamoi ones wont be fast enough for the ask in this thread so you can disregard that above.

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Check out this write up comparing some sensors:

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Thanks for the reference.
I tried looking for EU ZWave standard and could not find any seller of the Zooz recommended sensor.

Here is another review of motion sensors,

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