Motion sensor buying advice

I’ve had the SmartSense Motion for a few years and I had to disable it as it set off my alarm randomly. I fell in love with the Fibaro ZW5 (3.2) due to it’s convenient placement options but can’t for the life of me get it to sync the settings. I’ve tested every hack out there but no go. All I only want is to turn of the flash when it detects motion. I suspect there’s an issue with my old v1 hub as nobody else seem to have this problem.

So what is the most reliable and versatile (temp and lux is a plus) motion sensor out there that people have had the most success with (not triggering false movement)?

i use a dumb motion sensor, no smart capabilities at all, its wired to a standard plug socket that has a smart plug attached, on movement at night sensor draws current and smart plug detects the voltage change, from there any thing is possible within smartthings
Will also add the sensor is also wired to a 10w security light so on movement 10w light comes on, plug detects voltage change and sends signal to St which in turn changes my Tv to a channel that displays my front camera, after 20secs movement sensor goes back to sleep, security light goes off and Tv switches back to previous channel, never ever had a false alert

I have had really good experience with the Iris motion sensors. Iris is much quicker to respond than the Monoprice motion sensor. Very quick to set up too.

Note: Iris motion sensors are on clearance now at Lowe’s (see Deals sub-forum). I just picked up the last few I needed to automate secondary rooms (laundry, wic, pantry).


You may want to see this write up posted by RBoy

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I think there’s no doubt that the Fibaro is the “most versatile” in terms of parameter settings. It has over a dozen that you can tweak the way you want them to be.

But most people don’t need that many options. :sunglasses:

@krlaframboise wrote an excellent article last year comparing Z wave motion sensors. Most of it still applies and it’s well worth reading: