[RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)

No, IMO the Iris sensor is one of the fastest especially for the price. Everyone has their own use case so there’s something for everyone. Take a look here.


Would it be possible to make the DHL have the option to select the primary tile. What I mean is when I look at my “things” page on the app, All my motion/temp sensors show the Temperature. Would be nice to have the option to select which tile will be the primary.

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Does the DR work with the new 4-in-1 monoprice sensors? They do motion, temp, humidity, and light. They also have all sorts of slick options for customizing the various features.

We’ve tried that option but ST has disabled this with the newer ST apps (it used to be there in the old v1 ST apps). Were you able to find a DH that allows you to dynamically change the display do let us know and we’ll look into it again. (We’ve put the code in place, just doesn’t work with the v2 ST app)

This DH works with that. (will update the title shortly):

See this post for a comparison between some popular sensors:

confirming it works! I just installed my monoprice 4-n-1 yesterday and it works great!
One caveat I noticed… Android does not post the icons within each tile, iOS does.

Wish I had screenshots available for demonstrate. This had me puzzled for a bit since the LIGHT and BATTERY tiles are both green (as well as the temp tile, which is bigger). I’m not colorblind, but I bet it makes it really challenging for them to distinguish what is what on Android. Once I openec up ST on my iPad, I was able to figure out which tile was which item/value.

Would be also be nice if there was a way to skew/offset the humidity value as you have done with the temp value. My HUM is showing 55%, when my Honeywell sensors report the house at 45%.

Yup, I’ve noticed the same thing. It happens with a few other of RBoy’s DHs. I wonder what’s going on. I never knew it worked on iOS, I just figured something was wrong on my end. :slight_smile:

Here’s what it looks like:

Here is the iPhone app (I have it installed on my iPad) to use as reference to compare with @mew1033 screenshot

@mew1033 I’m curious if you have a humidifier in your house? Or do you live a naturally humid place? I see you are showing 54% on your sensor also. I keep my humidifier set to 45%. I know mold can start growing once it hits 55% and higher if it is constant.

Sure will look into the correction.

For the Android issue please report it to ST support. We have reported it
but they refuse to Fixit. If enough folks ask they just may do it.

Nope, I live in a desert. I just happened to have it in my bathroom after I had taken a shower. :slight_smile: Although I just looked and I’m a little confused. It’s showing 46%… Weird. My thermostat (downstairs) is currently showing 21%.

I’ll report it now. Thanks.

Since I have not yet filed anything to ST, what is the best way to do this?
I’m all for getting my voice heard to them for a possibility of enhancements.

You can send a report to support@smartthings.com and also copy
jim@smartthings.com who has been following up the Android product MGR on
these issues.

thanks, request files to support and jim.

got a reply…
kinda not so great when the finger pointing game is started by Samsung SmartThings.
could be a lose cause, but at least they heard my voice/opinion/etc…etc

Chelsea W. (SmartThings)
Dec 27, 11:28 AM MST

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m happy to go over this with you.

Currently, I see that you’re using a few custom device handlers and custom SmartApps. When it comes to custom integrations like these, we’re unable to offer support simply because they’re not officially supported or officially compatible to work with SmartThings.

If you’re concerned with the way things are displayed in relation to any of those custom devices/integrations that you’ve installed on your account, I’d have to direct you back to the community or their developer. You can find our community here.

Of course, I’ve made sure to note your feedback regarding the general display of things via our SmartThings Mobile app, but if you have any other questions or concerns for us, definitely reach back out.

Kind Regards,

Chelsea W.
SmartThings Support

My Reply back:
Chelsea and Team,

I appreciate the feedback. To comment on your feedback… The reason I am using 3rd part DHL’s is simply because SmartThings isn’t offering these capabilities.
I have read many many posts on the concerns of lack of support and the only way to gain support is to email you guys and express the desire for said support.

So while I totally understand you guys not being able to support a 3rd party DHL, when will you team/developers actually create the needed/requested support?
Since everything is open-source, what is stopping you guys from sucking in all these great tools, thanking the people that contributed and making your product have more “OFFICIALLY” supported DHL’s and SmartApps?

The finger pointing game isn’t fun to play… we just want you guys to produce more great and SMART things.


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Chelsea replied back to me… she is now submitting the feedback to the developers. Guess they sometimes need that extra bit of encouragement. Glad to know they are active in getting things done.

A newbie here so sorry for any stupid questions.
I’ve just received 3 Monoprice (p/n15902) sensors. ST refuses to add the devices so here I am.

  1. I did add the ZooZ 4 in 1 Device Handler to my ST Hub. Is this the right DH for the Monoprice 15902?
  2. I did not see ‘My Apps’ on my Android phone so per the instructions I emailed ST Support. I did log out and back in to ST on my phone with no luck.
  3. Do I have to add a specific SmartApp ultimately get access to all the features of the Monoprice 15902?



Update: I figured out you don’t push the button in the battery compartment but you stick a paper clip in the teeny tiny hole in the side of the unit to pair. ST found the ZooZ 4 in 1 Sensor (ZSE40) but in all three of the sensors my phone really doesn’t seem to be updating variables (motion, temp, humid, light).

I emailed support asking them to add battery capacity into their handler for the GoControl sensors. I presume that the trade off between the custom one and the original is that the custom will not work locally?