[OBSOLETE] zooZ Mini Plug (ZEN07), Contact Sensor (ZSE08), Mini Sensor (ZSE09) Device Handlers

I’ve spent a few weeks using some of zooZ’s latest Z-Wave products and have put together a few device handlers for them. I am very impressed with these devices. They are small, affordable, look nice, and are very configurable. The Mini Plug is especially noteworthy. It is the smallest network controllable plug I have used. Really cool stuff!

If anyone wants to grab one you can get them from thesmartesthouse.com http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/zooz-z-wave-plus-mini-series

zooZ Mini Plug (ZEN07)

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Enable / Disable LED
  • Enable / Disable Manual Control
  • Auto Off Timer

zooZ Mini Sensor (ZSE09)

  • Motion Sensitivity Configuration (or disable)
  • LUX Reports
  • Enable / Disable LED
  • Luminance Offset

zooZ Contact Sensor (ZSE08)


Awesome. I just saw that motion senor with lux and I’m definitely interested in it. Curious how quickly it senses motion compared to the aeon multisensor 6? Also curious how often the lux is reported with your dth?

Well, there are a few configuration options to customize when the lux reports are sent. You can set the sensor to poll the light level sensor up to every 60 seconds. You can also set a threshold for when the light level reports should be sent.

As for the motion sensor response time, I will try to set up a side by side comparison and let you know.

Sounds good, thx. The lux reporting is also what I was hoping for as well.

Hi Jay,

You can have the sensor report lux changes instantly with the settings from this screenshot. Feel free to ask us any other questions about this or other Zooz devices!

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Sorry for the late response. I did some quick tests regarding the responsiveness of motion detection. The two sensors seemed pretty comparable, but the zooZ did have about a 1 second advantage in all of my tests.

No worries and I appreciate you testing this. Thanks and looks like this will be my next purchase.

Tested the door sensor with the handler, work perfectly!

Thank you!!

Issue resolved automatically after waited for a night, the sensor picked up the settings change and start reporting the Lux.


Yep, the settings will be applied when device “wakes up”. You can force a wake up by pressing the button on the inside of the sensor, or you can wait for it to wake up on its own.

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I was just wondering If anyone else ran into this problem. I brought a couple of Zooz Mini Plug and after one day one of my plug fail. I had hook a Foscam FI8910W camera hook to the plug. To make a long story short I was told that the camera uses an impulse power adapter and most likely cause the plug to malfunction. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi Eric!

Thanks for your work on this device handler!

I’m wondering if either you or @TheSmartestHouse can help me figure out two things for a recently purchased ZSE09 from The Smartest House:

1.) The mini sensor isn’t displaying any lux values on the card it just shows “–”.
2.) I went into the settings and disabled the LED but it still blinks red when it senses motion. Any idea? After I updated the settings I clicked the “sync” button to wake the device and refresh, but it hasn’t seemed to grab that setting yet.

Thank you!

I figured out the second issue for the LED, but still struggling with the lux values. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Justin,

Try clicking the Z-Wave button 3 times quickly. If the value is not displayed, it means the sensor hasn’t fully configured yet. We recommend excluding the sensor and re-including it in its goal location. You may need to wake the sensor up (click the Z-Wave button 3 times quickly just like during inclusion) manually a few times in 10-minute intervals to speed up configuration. Let us know if it helped!

Perfect. I unpaired it and repaired it and woke it up about 4x over the course of 2 hours. Then let it sit for 9 hours and it still didn’t display the value. Just as I was giving up I unpaired and repaired it again and it worked!

Appreciate the quick support <3

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I have 4 of the zooz ZE08 contact sensors and they all paired extremely quickly to the hub and have had no problems in 4 plus months other than the battery reading on each eventually went from 100 percent to something above 100 percent. Right now, two sensors read battery at 104, another at 109 and the last at 113.
I tried submitting a ticket with Smartthings but they responded saying it’s an unsupported device. This began before the hub upgrade to 16.00009.
Anyone else seeing this withe the zooz contact sensors?

Recently purchased some ZEN07s and they’ve been working great with your DTH … thanx @erocm1231. The Mini Plugs seem sort of “chatty”, though, LOL, but I really like the small size.

Gonna get several more … the Smart Plugs (ZEN06) are also on my list.

Thanx for the zooZ Power Strip dth, too :smile:

I had the same battery percentage issue with ZSE09 minisensor. Every time I take the battery out and put it back in, percentage changes. It went from 100% originally to 108% to 104% to 95% to 91% (now) I don’t know what’s real and what’s not. sensor beeing used for 1 month.
With all theese variations I don’t think it’s DTH issue but the sensor having a personality disorder.

@elf Thanks!

@bleader @NomadTech The handler merely reports what is sent to it by the device. The workaround would be for me to modify the code to report 100% for anything that is 100 or above. Also, make sure that you are using the latest handler as there is a battery optimization in it.

Leave the handler as is. It’s good and I thank you for it. Problem is with the sensor or smartthings backend.
Did not change anything and this is what I get for battery(unless sensor has wireless charging capability)

2017-01-13 10:46 PM EST - 24 hours ago battery 104 %
2017-01-12 6:44 PM EST - 2 days ago battery 91 %

Besides getting this regularly

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Sun Jan 15 03:13:04 UTC 2017