[RELEASE] Aeotec Water Sensor 6 ZW122

Hey folks, Robert here. I’ve been “off” for a long time. Got super busy at work, burned out, got a new job, been underwater getting ramped up, but I’ve gotten around to putting some finishing touches on this water sensor code.

Link to the handler is here

The instructions and engineering spec is in the repository, and yes, I finally got around to naming my files .groovy and putting them in separate repositories for those of you familiar with my stuff in the past. Just getting a bit more developery.

I don’t think this sensor has hit the market yet. Here is a link to the product page:

Note that I haven’t gotten the position sensor to work, or the tamper sensor. I believe my engineering sample doesn’t have it inside, but I’m waiting on confirmation on that.

Aeon Labs folks, sorry it took me so long to get around to putting this one out!


Would this handler work with this sensor also? The default doesn’t show batter level.

Aeotec Water Sensor, Z-Wave Flood & Leak Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H3TJ3P4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1xJ.zbMFSN7A4

I’m not sure. Can’t hurt to try. Likely it will, because the water and battery are pretty generic. The tilt and battery / usb status stuff probably wont… some of the config commands might error…

If not I’d have to take a look at the engineering sheet or could probably add battery pretty easy to the default handler.

Some updates to the handler… Didn’t bother incrementing the version number, it’s still v 1. Support added for the tilt and vibration sensor. It’s a pretty sensitive device to vibration but not SUPER sensitive, which is pretty cool. Proper cradle support so if you mount on the cradle or dismount is queries mounting position. Idea being that if you’re using it horizontally mounted with built in sensors and it were to go vertical because say it fell or something, that would prevent it from working. The converse could also be true… It IS IP66 rated so theoretically you could drop it in a sump hole, but that’s kind mean. At least it would get the word out long before it died. Also added support for probe detection so when you’re using the cradle or if it detects water on either side of the sensor outside the cradle the details screen in the app will tell you what probe, or both probes, are active triggering the alert. This gets read out into the “recently” event listing as well.

Future plan is to create a dual switch endpoint and let you use virtual switches to have two separate switches for controlling two separate things, say a sump pump for one probe (low water mark) and a siren or some such for the other. Right now the device firmware isn’t such that it notifies for the other probe if one is already active. That’s the only thing keeping me from that at the moment. If I know Aeotec, they’ll likely address that pretty fast. Loving this thing so far!

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did you try it out?

I’ve purchased this sensor to monitor a leak in my kitchen.
Installed your device handler, but I’m unsure about what information is supposed to show.

What device are you using it against? Currently the water sensor 6 is in beta and not generally available.

Install my device handler prior to pairing the device.

Pair the device by double clicking the action button quickly.

This will send the proper configuration to the sensor while it is awake.

If you use my handler after it is paired you’ll need to wake it up by holding the action button until it lights yellow then releasing it. This will wake the sensor for 10 minutes giving you time to go into the SmartThings app and hit the configure button in the device screen. That sends the commands to getbit set up and pulls initial sensor data.

I’m currently using an Aeotec Water Sensor, Z-Wave Flood & Leak Sensor [DSB45]

I’ve removed and re-paired the device. I’m still unable to configure the device via the device handler.

That’s actually a different sensor… This handler is for the water sensor 6 when it hits the market. It’s likely some of the config parameters aren’t going to work the same way. I’d have to look at the engineering specs on it to tell you for sure.

Hi Robert,
I happen to have a pair of these Aeotec ZW122 sensors (Really an Oomi sensor that was made by Aeotec). I have been having a difficult time getting them paired to my SmartThings hub. I found your device driver and got it published for my personal use. But if I’m not mistaken, I can’t actually use your driver until I can get the sensor initially paired to the SmartThings Hub, right?

I’ve tried both automatically adding as well as manually adding with no luck in either case. Thoughts???

Are you trying to pair it just a few feet from the hub? If you are and you can’t pair it I would suggest doing a local reset of the sensor. Hold the button on it for about 30 seconds and it will clear its settings out. You’ll know when the lights starts blinking fast and then stops. Double click quickly to pair it securely. This ought to fix your issue. If you’re not seeing any indicator light make sure you pulled the plastic tab out to activate the battery. If it’s gone and still no light, perhaps the battery has died…

Yes, the hub is less than 2 feet from the leak sensor while I’m attempting to perform the pairing. The battery is fine. I’ve “reset” the device and attempted the pairing process again to no avail. When I do the “double click” (after placing the hub into pairing mode), it first blinks green rapidly, then red for 2 seconds, then the color changes for about 5 seconds and then the lights go out. I’ve determined that means the sensor failed to pair. I’ve only been testing with one of the 2 devices.

I decided to pull the other device out and activate it. That one works just fine. The hub identified it automatically as a “generic z-wave sensor” and I’ve updated it to use your leak sensor driver. All is well for that one.

I guess I may need to go back to the Oomi folks and see if I can get the other one replaced.

I have a V2 hub at firmware release 000.019.00019 (should be current).

I have about 12 other z-wave devices paired with this hub, so I know the process for pairing pretty well.

Ok cool just giving you the standard rundown. It might just be screwed up. Return it?

I ended up contacting the folks I got it from. Turned out that they made an oops and sent me a unit with the wrong frequency for US market. Who would have known…

Well yes, that will do it…

Is there a way to configure sensitivity or a period of time before it triggers?
Is detecting humidity as water.

Robert, love this device and love your DH. Count me as another vote to create a dual switch endpoint to enable two separate things.

But even without that improvement, this is super. Thanks for your efforts!

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Hi Robert,
First thanks for sharing the code for the water sensor 6.
I just got 2 of them. I was able to get both of them to pair, but I noticed that one of them has 3 variables debugOutput motionSensitivity minimumreportInterval and the other one only has the debugOutput preference.

Any thoughts on this? If I read the code correctly you set some defaults, but it’s odd that I don’t see the preference variables in device details. I tried removing the device and re-pairing but that didn’t change anything.


I was surprised to quickly find myself in a situation where I could use the dual endpoints. I like to make things “complicated” :). Have you had any time to work on that?

I would like one probe to alert me when it goes from wet to dry, and the other the opposite. I’m doing this on WebCore and I have no idea if there’s a way to get this done with device attributes or something. I came over here and saw that you have more plans for the device handler.

Thanks for your work! I appreciate what you’ve done thus far.

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I also have a use for the dual endpoints, both reporting dry to wet though. Thanks for all the work getting the Water Sensor code put together.