[OBSOLETE] Aeon Water/Flood Sensor (DSB45-ZWEU / DSB45-ZWUS)

I just picked up one of these sensors today and saw there was no native ST Device Handler, so i knocked this one together based in part from the Code from the ST Zwave Door Sensor code…

might come in handy for anyone else with the same sensor,



Is this 2 or 3AAA?

Do rechargeables work?

What kind of battery life are you getting?

it takes 2x AAA batteries, as for the remainder of the questions I don’t know. Ill go out on a limb and say rechargeable’s will work the voltage drop over 2 battery’s is minimal.

As for battery life unknown as I got it only today… But my netatmo outdoor module runs on 2 AAA batteries and reports in every 10 mins and lasts 12 months roughly…assume battery life will be the same

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@ero4444 I am not sure if Aeon has released a new version since I bought mine, but I have had mine for almost 2 years and it is reporting 78% battery remaining.

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@erocm1231 i think the question is, what are you detecting? where is it installed.

i.e. mines in my shower monitoring when the shower is on/off so will go dry/wet multiple times per day…but in fairness battery life should still be in the year/s territory rather than months

This particular sensor is at the base of my fridge. It gets activated maybe 10 times a year when some ice drops down near it and it melts, or when someone places a cup in the water dispenser to fill it up and then walks away (sad that this happens, I know). I have another brand down near my water heater. I think these types of scenarios are much more common with flood sensors.

Thank you very much, Fuzzyligic. The device handler code seems to work fine as far as I can tell. A couple of times I’ve seen the app report it saying “wet” after removing it from water (it switched to “dry” and then back to “wet” and didn’t clear until I dunked & removed it again), but overall the sensor seems okay for my purposes.

Now I have to ask (whoever has the solution) what SmartApp can I use with this Aeon Water Sensor (DSB45-ZWUS) to notify me if the water level stays too low (“no water” detected rather than “water” detected) for more than a minute or two? (I’m using it to tell me if a toilet tank isn’t filling, which sometimes happens when the lever/chain mechanism gets kinked, although the same logic might apply to other things like a self-filling aquarium or decorative water feature or some other kind of tank.)


yup i also am experiencing that wet dry wet issue. not everytime but enough to create an issue. as for which smartapp which would do it what you are after, i would have said Rule Machine…but since its been withdrawn ???

Thank you for letting me know it wasn’t just me who was seeing that, Fuzzyligic.

BTW, it might be nice if a device handler could invert the status – make “wet” report “dry” to SmartApps instead and make “dry” report “wet.” That way I imagine it’d be easier to find a standard SmartApps to alert me when “wet” (really “dry”) for more than a few minutes. Can handlers invert status signals before passing to SmartApps? Can they have a configuration option to turn that on/off?

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Nevermind about the idea of inverting wet & dry. I managed to cobble together a custom"Water Low" SmartApp script and it seems to work despite my clumsy work. (Before you ask, no, I don’t have a github account and don’t want one.)

When the sensor goes dry my custom “Water Low” SmartApp schedules a recheck X minutes later, and if it is still dry then it alerts me (ST alert &/or TXT). If the sensor reports “wet” during this time the scheduled recheck is cancelled and nothing happens until the next “dry” starts the schedule again.

(I also tweaked the color of the Aeon Water Sensor device handler’s “dry” icon background to hex ffa500 instead of gray; I’d have preferred new icon’s reflecting that wet is good and dry is bad, but I’m way too lazy for that and it’s plenty good enough just tweaking the background color for dry.)

This could be used when one wants to ensure an auto-refilling tank isn’t failing to refill (e.g., aquarium, well or rainwater collection tank, toilet). In my case I use it to alert me if my new toilet’s lever’s chain & flush valve mechanism kinked/jammed preventing the flush valve from closing with the result of pouring water down the drain continually instead of letting the tank fill. If my trial-and-error adjustments to that mechanism eventually eliminate that problem I’ll find another use for the sensor, but until then I really appreciate promptly knowing water is $flushing$ down the drain instead of finding out hours (sometimes a day) later.

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P.S. I wonder if a person could even use it to let them know when the lawn is dry too long (e.g., 1440 minutes = 1 day) by putting the sensor in a cup outside which would collect rain & lawn watering/sprinkler water but would evaporate dry if ongoing rainfall & lawn watering isn’t sufficient.

I had the same wet vs. dry problem and found and used a super simple solution by JS_NYC_208 on Reddit @ https://redd.it/49ddvm
In summary: “1) Re-connect the devices to your SmartThings network 2) Log into the IDE @ http://graph.api.smartthings.com/ 3) Click on My Devices at the top of the screen 4) Click on either of your moisture sensors 5) Click on the Edit Button 6) Click on the Type drop down list and select Z-Wave Water Sensor 7) Click Update 8) Repeat for the other devcie 9) you may have to force close your mobile app or log in and out again for the changes to take place”

I just installed one of these sensors to monitor the water level in our pond and it ID’d as a door sensor. I checked it both wet and dry and it did change, though it said open when it was submerged and closed when it was dried off, which I thought odd. I tried the Zwave water sensor DTH and then this one, and it seems to be backwards. In the water it says Dry. Is this normal?

It seems they released another version which reports the status inversed. Mine reported closed when wet. But it’s easily fixed just flip around the status changes in the handler code to correctly report the status just find the following code block

def sensorValueEvent(value) {
	if (value) {
    	log.debug "Sensor it Wet"
		createEvent(name: "water", value: "wet", descriptionText: "$device.displayName is wet")
	} else {
    	log.debug "Sensor it Dry"
		createEvent(name: "water", value: "dry", descriptionText: "$device.displayName is dry")

And change the

if (value)


if (!value)

That should flip the status

Thanks. That’s what I was thinking, but I haven’t done much with device handlers. And I’m glad I’m not going crazy :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for creating this device handler, I appreciate it.

So I have 2 DSB45-ZWUS devices and have been getting false alarms on these things regularly for over 2 years since I have had them. I have used the standard “Z-Wave Water Sensor” device handler as well as the Fuzzyligic one and both have the same false alarms at least once a week if not more.

When looking in the smartthings dev portal at the raw events I see this:
For real events when I am manually testing:
Wet: zw device: 34, command: 2001, payload: FF
Dry: zw device: 34, command: 2001, payload: 00
For the constant false alarms I get:
Wet: zw device: 34, command: 2003, payload: 01
Dry: zw device: 34, command: 2003, payload: 00

Anyone know what the 2003 command is vs the 2001 command? I think these devices might actually work if I can just figure out what that is and handle it more appropriately.

Any updates to this handler, not getting battery updates with new app?

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Was looking to see if there was an update here. Mine sees Wet\Dry in the history but never changes the icon and I can use it with Alex or others to trigger anything.