Aeon Water Sensor - What device "type" are you guys using?

Hi all!
I just received my “Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor (DSB45-ZWUS)” today and was trying to set it up. When it paired with the Smartthings app it listed itself incorrectly as “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”. Is there a more functional device type I should change this to? What are you guys using?

Many thanks!

Try SmartSense Moisture

I just got an Aeon water sensor in as well. It seems like a lot of people are successfully using these sensors, but I can’t figure out how to get it paired up. It doesn’t appear at all when scanning for a new device. I can add it as a new device on the developer site, but then have no idea how to pair up the actual sensor.

Have you guys been successful setting it up?


Any luck?

Mine is detected as Open/Close sensor too. Is there a way to get it as a proper moisture sensor?


Change the device type in the IDE

I’m using zwave water sensor

Thank you for suggestions! Unfortunately I do not see Zwave water sensor in Marketplace/Moisture Sensors. There are four known sensnsors there but there is no generic type. I tried auto detection and that is how I got my sensor detected/connected, but as Open/Close sensor…

Jimmy, you mentioned changing in IDE, could you please provide a bit more details? I am pretty new with the app so far an for some reasons cannot find where I could change the detected sensor type…

Thank you!

dont goto market place… once your device is connected log into the ide

  1. choose my devices
  2. after it sorts in a minute choose the link with our device name
  3. choose edit at the bottom
  4. change the pulldown to zwave water sensor


login, go to devices, edit the water sensor and change the device type in the drop down

Awsome! Thank you very much LArry and Jimmy. sensor is converted :slight_smile: and displayed as Dry now.

thanks very much!
worked as you described

Thank you gentlepeople! I just installed my aeon water sensor using your instructions to change it to a Z Wave water sensor using the IDE. I didn’t even know that this IDE existed! Wow! I am a happy camper!

On my aeon water sensor, I am not getting a battery reading or temp reading. I do get a correct wet and dry reading though. I’ve tried using smart sense and z wave for device type. smart sense does show the battery and temperature areas, but only contain dashes, as if it’s not getting a reading. Should I be able to see the battery level of the aeon water sensor?

@jorge8850 aeon water sensor don’t detect temperature.

Thanks Chris. I checked my sensor this morning and by magic it is showing the battery level now! I am delighted!

My AEOTEC water sensor registered as a water sensor without issues. It shows correct wet/dry conditions but it won’t tell me when it see’s a wet condition. My question is how do I have the device send me a text or trigger my siren when it senses water? AEOTEC instructions speak of SUC and SIS gateways which I’m not familiar with.


I think getting notifications are easy.

Smart Home Monitor, first tab of iphone app, Click on Settings Wheel at top right of screen, click on leaks, leave or deslect “Use Every Moisture Sensor” and choose the specific water sensor, then choose what kind of notifications you would like.

You are a smart man Mr. David.

Thank You!

I am this same device and have it all setup. Tried to test it by touching it to some water in my sink. It immediately switched to wet status. Now I can’t get it to switch back to dry status after drying it off completely. Any suggestions?

Did you wait long enough ? It’s not always instant.