Deal on Z-Wave leak detector

Looks to be a good buy @ $29 dollars if you’re in the market. They seem to be rebadged Everspring devices, which are on the list of supported things.

Utilitech Water Leak Detector White Indoor Flood Sensor

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I can confirm that these work with ST. But your link is broken, with one too many http prefixes.

And I think that’s $10 cheaper than I paid for one at lowes a month ago.

Link didn’t work for me, hopefully this one does

I have one of these and it works excellent. I have it mounted above my sump and put the sensor into the well so that if it gets above a certain level it will alert me.

Sorry, not sure why the link is bad. Thanks Jeff for posting one that works!

I picked one up a few weeks ago. The sensor seems to work well when testing on a dish of water. The down-side was that the battery level never showed up in the ST app.

It seemed almost as important to me to know the battery level (and if the device dropped off the network) as the moisture detection.

@siaokh – I was having the same problem with one of mine. Turns out the batteries were actually bad that came with the device. Try putting some new batteries in and see if it works for you.

Picked up one of these - seems to work well although I am also not seeing the battery status either.

It looks like the everspring device type doesn’t have the battery capability. @brock - what’s your device type?

It sure does. I’m using the same thing with the Everspring Flood Sensor device type. Flood Sensor

Weird - battery is missing on my device in the IDE

Might be worth trying a z-wave network repair or even unpairing the device, moving it next to the hub and repairing. Just an idea…not sure if that will fix it or not. :slight_smile:

If the above doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries.

That is the only thing that was able to get my battery percentage to display on one of my devices. The batteries were so depleted when it was purchased from Lowes that it wouldn’t report the battery statistics. The device functioned fine aside from that, though.

I’d actually maybe try that before removing the device. Would save you some work with setting up any SmartApps you may have paired with that device.

I tried replacing the batteries first - then I deleted and re paired - still nothing…

When did you replace the batteries? It might take a few hours to report its battery percentage.

It’s been almost a day since I changed the batteries - I waited a day the first time around too

I have an Everspring model but just yesterday, picked up one of the Utilitech branded ones. I’ll be installing it in my RV.

I have 2 Utilitech ones, and neither report battery status. I’ve had mine for about a month, and I put brand new batteries in when they were installed.

I even created my own device type based completely on the Everspring device, and made sure to select the Battery capability, and still nothing.

I’d be curious to see how your install goes Jim.

Still nothing - I read in the documentation that it will report on a low battery - I wonder if that’s all it will report - I need to find some dead batteries!

I looked at my devices again in the IDE, and both of my Utilitech flood sensors reported their battery only once when they were connected. I guess the device saw that it had full battery life when connected and then did not report the percentage again.

Maybe it only reports when the percentage actually changes in the device?

That’s what I’m thinking - I need to find a dead battery or two - maybe that will trip it