Multi Purpose & Water Leak Sensor replacements

I would like to buy multi purpose sensors and water leak sensors, however with Samsung ditching their hardware, I haven’t been able to find alternatives that will work with my Smart Things hub v2. Does anyone have experience with available alternatives to these sensors, that they can point me towards?

Search ebay for " Iris Utilitech Wireless Water Leak Detector" the seller seems to have an infinite supply, but will sell out for a day or so, before he adds more. They work well, after sometimes finicky pairing.

I don’t have much experience with MP sensors though.

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it is possible that the rebranded aeotec versions of the ST devices may be available soon. that could range from a few weeks to couple of months. you can sign up for the aeotec newsletter to be alerted when they release these devices.


I’ve got 2 in use for 4 years (3+ years on ST, only 6 months on my C-7). The batteries still report 90%. ; they really do work well.

I’ve have 3 additional ones new-in-box (sealed) that are in my extras pile. PM me if you are interested.


only one thing wrong with it. It is so QUIET that when I look at all the mute devices, it’s near the top of the list for longest quiet, so I assume it’s dead, but it always responds to water test.

But yes it is pretty great with those big batteries, literally years of runtime.

I guess that explains the battery life, but yeah, I hadn’t even thought about that.

I was actually planning on using them for redundancy with the ADT Zigbees I’ve had for a few years. The ADTs had been losing connection, but more is better, no matter what my wife says about it.

I have mine set to wakeup every 24 hours so it’s never quiet for long.


that would be great - did not know that is possible. Is Zwave-Tweaker the easiest way to change whatever parameter is required?

How do you wake it up every 24 hours?

Its a supported Z-wave parameter (on page 11 of of the manual).

Mine are no longer connected to SmartThings, but the device handler I use on Hubitat is derived from this the one available for SmartThings, and it exposes the parameter.

That is from this thread, but make sure you use the latest version from github and not the version in the first post.

(of course, I have no idea how this works in the new ST app)

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Thanks. I will give it a try.