Water Hero

Hello All- This is probably more for people like @Ben @urman or @duncan but also wanted everyone to be aware of it. I came across this Kickstarter project last night: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1115949672/water-hero-protection-from-major-pipe-bursts-and-c

I have backed it. For the price, it looks pretty darn amazing. I have also posted in the comments on this asking the maker to reach out to SmartThings, but I think it would be amazing if this could work with SmartThings!



I am in too. Thanks for sharing

This is pretty sweet and the price is very attractive. My problem is I’m an instant gratification person. After backing Scout & Pebble and then waiting over a year I gave up on both of them, good thing because ST has replaced my need for Scout and Moto 360 the need for pebble. I do think Home Automation needs more devices like these that are affordable. The only other one I know of is over $400.

Great find. I’ll keep my eye on it.

Great link. I’ve been looking for just a pulse-meter to watch for leaks and that seems like an OK price for a brass meter, so I’m wondering who makes it? Probably an off-the-shelf product.

We might be able to read these meters with just a regular SmartSense multi-sensor strapped on. Even the Waterhero sensor is.strapped.

FYI, in case others have not seen it yet. The creator responded to my comment and said that they are thinking about making it compatible. Gives me some hope at the very least.

I’m necroing this because I just pre-ordered one from their website. I spoke with one of the reps, and he said they’re actively trying to integrate it with IFTTT, and they have plans to make it Z-Wave or Zigbee capable.

I just installed a ball valve main shut off today. Now I wait!

Now that I have two valves hooked up to mimolite and working fine, I am interested in their flowmeter and do hope they make them zwave or zigbee capable then.

Yeah, I ordered the package with the flow meter. I’m curious to see some of my water usage trends.

Are the valves as magical as they say they are?

Well, I bought these and they are pretty impressive. I bought 3 so far which I don’t think I will need to buy any more unless years later I will need to replace them. Just the valve is 69.80 for just one 1" valve with 10 feet of wire. http://www.flow-controls.com/wiring-diagram-control-TOFINE-motorized-ball-valves.html

If you follow the topic: Water shutoff valve integration there is more information and discussion of it.

Oooohhhhh. I thought you were saying you had two Water Hero valves. I was wondering how you got them before everyone else! I get it now.

Yeah, the “analytics” in the flow meter/app intrigue me as well.