Recieving error 12-002 when paring smarthings hub to wifi

Hello, I have just purchased a smarthings hub through eBay and am trying to connect it to the wifi. It seems to work until the end when it is registering where it gives the error code 12-002. Anyone know what this means? I am thinking maybe this is registered to someone else.

what is the model number on the hub? Your best bet might be to contact ST support directly. They would need you to include an image of the serial # on the hub.

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It’s a im6001 v3p01

There have been some unusual error codes being generated of late, so ST support is probably your best option. If you were attempting to add to your wifi network, you can try ethernet to see if you can get it connected, then switch to wifi later or vice versa. If both options fail, you can try resetting the hub. There is a little pinhole on the hub that you can press for about 30 seconds until you get the yellow flashing light. It has been so long, I have forgotten the exact steps for resetting.