Replaced my router - Now SmartThings Hub V2 won't come online

Samsung support told me I have to reset every device including the hub and reprogram my entire SmartThings ecosystem again. This is many hours of work lost if this is true. Does anyone have experience with this?

brand/model of the new router? Does it use the same IP range as the old one? If yes, have you tried assigning the same IP number to the ST hub? Then reboot the router. Or try powering off the ST hub, remove the batteries if you use them and leave it off for 10-20 minutes and power it on to see if it connects. Check IDE to see what the status shows for your hub.

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You didn’t say how you were connected to your old router. Was that a wired or WiFi connection? If WiFi, just setup the same SSID + password for your new router as you had for your last router.

v2 does not have WiFi

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Missed that!! Thanks