Getting error code: 34-000

Error: "Couldn’t find Hub to add it to. Check that your hub is online, then try again (Error code: 34-000). I’m getting this error, when I try adding a device.

I had to factory reset the Smartthings Wifi hub. Because I was getting some kind of error, after moving it from another location in my house. The hub was blinking Green, then would switch over to blinking Red. It was not blink red, green, red, green to be clear.

I reset it, gave it the same name and password. I’m sure it has a different IP now tho. Some of my devices we’re able to connect, like nothing was reset. But the one’s that didn’t reconnect, I had to manually remove, and then manually reinstall. But when I go to reinstall, I get this error code: 34-000.

I was able to get some of my Hue blubs to reconnect, through the Hue Hub + Smarttings Hub connection. Only a few of them I can’t get to reconnect. That might be a Hue Hub thing.

But every other device I’ve tried reconnecting, have been Smartthings branded devices. Like a Smartthings outlet, Motion sensors, Smartthings bulb. Lot of these devices are older versions, and discontinued I believe, but should still work.

Hello , I have the same message coming but I, did nt get to add not even one lamp on smart things … Did you find any solution till now?

No, I haven’t. I bought a second Wifi Hub, and set everything up on that one. But for some reason, i can’t connect any of my smartthings branded devices anymore. I can get those devices to connect to my older V2 none Wifi Hub, just not to the Wifi Hubs.

So I just moved into this new house I scanned this code on a paper that was at the light switch and it gave me this error code, so do i need to download an app or do I need to get a hub to use this device from my phone, please help very frustrating for a new home as it does not work with the main hub that I can control the alarm, door locks, windows, etc.

  • brand/model of the light switch?
  • brand/model of the main hub you have?