Rebuild Zigbee Mesh - now zigbee devices not reconnecting!

Hi All - so after having issues with one of my multi sensors on a few weeks old system, I decided to do a zigbee mesh rebuild.

I took out the batteries and completely powered off my v2 hub for 30 mins. After I brought it back up, none of the ST sensors and outlets, nor the wemo bulbs are controllable. IDE says status online/active and shows last active time when hub was powered off, however nothing is actually responding! Only exception is an ST presence sensor, which is also erratic and keeps leaving the house every few hours!

Any hints?

Could be a faulty zigbee repeater in your mesh.
Any Osrams in your mesh by any chance? They tend to receive messages but not relaying them to the hub.

Yes I have an Osram colour led. But powered off completely before I started the rebuild. I’ve been so far able to connect one multi purpose sensor. 2 motions and another multi purpose not getting discovered. Just blink blue when I insert battery, then go green but not discovered.

Did you start the inclusion/discovery process in the phone app and wait a few seconds?

I have an open ticket with SmartThings regarding zigbee issues, and what you’re experiencing is very much like what I’m experiencing. I recommend emailing support and telling them about this.

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^^ yes I did start the ‘add a thing’ process in the app. What I’ve noticed is the sensors go from blinking blue to green but app discovery process shows nothing. Sometimes if I leave it for a good 10-15 mins it might find a rogue thing (unusable) or very rarely after 10-15 mins, when I turn back on phone screen, the actual sensor will be sitting there eventually for me to rename and save.
On the other hand the WeMo bulbs got discovered almost instantly. So I’m guessing it’s not the hub but the latest sensor firmware?
Haven’t yet opened a support case for this issue, but do have one open for check interval attribute fit sensors in ide showing 7260 seconds instead of 720.

I recommend you open a ticket, and reference mine: #286581

So I took batteries out of the offending sensors for a few days and tried again yesterday. They did not get discovered right away, but I let the phone screen timeout for few mins during discovery process and then I when I turned the phone back on voila the sensor was sitting there discovered and ready to be renamed and saved. I’m thinking if this is some app issue when it comes to discovering previously removed sensors!?

My procedure incase it helps someone else - Did the same process for 3 sensors one by one - insert battery, sensor led blue to green, then let phone screen timeout for few mins, turn phone on and sensor is there.

Will monitor for few days. Have added some more WeMo led bulbs, which as usual got discovered and added instantly.