Cannot re-add WeMo Zigbee bulbs

All of sudden V2 Hub disconnected my WeMo bulbs and now cannot re-add them. Did reset bulbs and they flash after reset, and then flash again after pressing “Add a thing” in classic app but never show up in list of devices to be paired.
Bunch incompetent weirdos from support helpline have no clue.
Can somebody help me ?
Removing bulb, rebooting hub does not work either.
Read already this unhelpful thread:

Please help.

If you are using custom device handlers, open them in IDE and Publish for Me again, then try to add your Wemo devices

i just posted something similar about Smartthings motion sensor. Never had many issues but starting to see a few things recently, one of whcih is re -pairing didnt work.
Dont know if this is for everything or just my one sensor.
sorry it doesnt answer your question but thought i would highlight incse more than just wemo bulb or sensor not working right.


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