RBoy Beta Drivers for SmartApps and Device Handlers

Is there a place to discuss the RBoy Beta drivers? I opted in for the beta drivers but have not seen any devices updated from the default drivers. Has anyone received the beta drivers on their devices as yet?

The Rboy Universal Lock Edge Driver is a custom Edge driver and has to be manually installed to your hub. Once you have it installed, you would have two options for utilizing it: 1) if you have existing locks installed and using another Edge driver, you would be able to switch to the new driver using the ST app or the API Browser+; or 2) if you don’t have a lock installed, the Rboy driver will be picked up when you install the lock.

If you have a lock installed and it is still using a legacy DTH, you will need to exclude the lock from your network, delete the DTH from the IDE, and then reinstall your lock.

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Thanks, I will try.

I can confirm this process for moving from the legacy DTH to the new beta driver worked fine on my Schlage BE469ZP. I did have the original booklet with the QR code that made reinstalling very easy. With my Z-wave plus lock I did not have to move the hub near the lock. It worked with the hub across the house but I do have a couple of other devices that act as relays within a few feet.


@RBoy I have 2 locks, YRD226. Same environment, Aoetec V3 Hub, Firmware, 048.00003, AOETEC repeater 10 feet from the lock, repeater 10 feet from hub, locks 25 feet from hub. Both deleted the IDE Device handler and updated to the beta drivers. One lock works perfectly with SLGA and a third party lock provider. The other lock initially would not give the right status, say unlocked when locked. Excluded and reinstalled. Reports the correct status now but doesn’t always take the the SLGA code. Sometimes says it has not updated the code from the third party app, but the code works. Sometimes doesn’t take the code at all.

Classic mesh issues. Add a buffering repeater and so a zwave repair.

On the one that is not working, “Code Entry” says Unsupported. The order is enabled

Same as above, mesh issues and lost packets. Once your mesh has been fixed pull down on the page to trigger a refresh and once the lock responds to the feature discovery requests from the driver the supported features will show up.

Ok, I removed the Aoetec Repeater/Extender and everything is working.

@RBoy I noticed on the Groovy drivers reserved the first 19 slots for static key codes, my temp app and RLA would start assigning codes at slot 20 and above. With the Edge drivers, everything starts at 1.

Is this a change you’re looking to make? I have my default code and a backup code on slots 1 & 2, but it seems temp app is fighting to place the new reservation code on slot 1.

Drivers don’t assign slots, those are done by the apps (SLGA, RLA, LUM etc). The apps determine which code goes into which slot. The only exception is locks with multi segmented slots, e.g. IDLock which has separate slots for keypad users and separate slots for RFID users. In this example IDLock 150 has 25 keypad users (using a pin code) and then 25 RFID users, so the driver will map the 1-25 for keypad and 26-50 for RFID. So when using SLGA, it will see that any users you add will start at 1 where as any RFID cards added to the lock will show up starting slot 26 (you can’t program RFID cards through SLGA but it does reflect any programmed cards with the drivers help)

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Hi All,
Newb question. I have confirmed my lock is running the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave lock version 11.800925743 (Rboys beta channel). After this I removed SLGA app and tried to activate RLA (I have a legacy license). I am getting “no network connection”. What am I missing? Is the edge driver supposed to allow RLA to work again or are we waiting on more RBOYs updates?

I deleted my RLA code and it looks like I can no longer add it back to groovy. Is there a way to enable RLA locally?

@Johnny_Hawkins RLA is currently dead until an EDGE version is available. It can’t run locally or on any other smartthings platform.

We as customers are not allowed to add custom smartapps to our own hubs, so there actually are no “edge smartapps.” Just “edge drivers” that replace the old architecture Device Type Handlers.

But edge is only one part of the new architecture. You can still have smartapps, it’s just that you have to host them yourself either on a local server or on a cloud service. Or sign up with a third-party which is offering the hosting.

Here’s the official schematic:

You can read more about what other people are doing, as far as smartapps in the new architecture in the following thread:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

I don’t know if Rboy has made an announcement yet as to what they are planning to do about their smartapps. But it will be a different process than the edge drivers.

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Fixing network means using a buffering repeater? Any recommendations?

Under the independent third-party specifications for Z wave, “buffering repeaters“ are said to “support beaming.“ That’s what you need for communications with a Z wave lock.

Most mains-powered Z wave devices are buffering repeaters these days. So you will have a wide choice. A smart plug is often the simplest least expensive option, but light switches, relays, even some mains powered thermostats will typically work.

All series 700 zwave mainspowered devices support beaming.

For older series 300 or series 500 devices, you can check the “conformance statement” at the Z wave alliance website to see if it supports beaming.

Catalog of Certified Z-Wave Products

example product page

example conformance statement


See the community FAQ where this issue was discussed in detail:

FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

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I use Aeotec Range Extender 7 (there are a couple of versions out there, make sure you get Version 7 with 700 series and Z-Wave Plus V2). I’ve also used the Minoston Z-Wave Plug with Energy Monitoring, Z-Wave Plus Mini Outlet Built-in Repeater Range Extender recommended by RBoy, but it didn’t meet all my needs.