Questions about to Publish Request

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Before the final deployment, I want to make a Publish Request after making preparations.
We have received a reply that it will take about 15 days after the request.

Q1) I wonder why it takes exactly 15 days. It wouldn’t take that long for a simple distribution approval.
Is it because the test runs for 15 days?

Q2) If the Publish Reqeust is approved, will our service be published as smartThings immediately?
In fact, we need to consider the timing of the release, so even after approval, we want to make a decision on the right time. (after request is approved, click the button … etc)
For that reason, I thought the following process would take place.
(Publish Request → Comfirm → Publish) Is this process possible?

Hey @Maxwell_Kim

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The resolution time you mention is for Hub-Connected Integrations. For your ST Schema integration, it’ll take a minimum of 2 business days, which may vary depending on the current certification queue.

As for the availability of your product at the SmartThings App, yes, it is the expected behavior for ST Schema compatible integrations. However, as soon as you submit your integration, our team will contact you to address these details.

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