Why is it so difficult to release my products?

It has pasted 135 days since I first released the Z-Wave Dual Switch on the SmartThingsCommunity. My change is just to add the fingerprint to the standard driver. Even so, the release is still far away. Is your efficiency like this? Now, our products are experiencing a lot of returns because they can’t see driver supported on the ST app. You are really disappointed!

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Hi, @chenjun

Is this the same product you mentioned you made the PR 13 days ago over DM?
Did you get any response from the testing team?

What do you mean by this?

I emailed a week ago, and there was no response. It seems that nobody cares about this:

Hi, @chenjun

We have been analyzing your concern. There are some things to take into consideration:

  1. First, no PR will be merged until the certification process is finished. We looked for your certification request and it was made only a month ago.
  2. The WWST certification process can take some time because the testing team needs to make sure the integration of your device has the best user experience. And since the migration is still ongoing, the certification team is flooded with work these days.
  3. Checking your request, we saw that the team should have sent you an email about the quote needed for your device testing, please check the inbox of the email you used for the certification request to see if you got it. Remember to check the spam section as well just in case.

Also, just as a reference, you were advised about moving to Edge Drivers since July the 1st to avoid this kind of issue.


You guys have all time in the world

In the home automation industry, certification typically takes 3 to 6 months. That’s true for Z wave, Zigbee, apple HomeKit, etc.

I don’t know what the smartthings typical timeline is, but I would be surprised if it was much quicker than the others. :thinking:

Hi, @veonua

Well, @chenjun mentioned all these days have passed :point_up:, and it didn’t seem right so we checked, because the only date that counts is the date of the certification request. And taking into account the already mentioned amount of work the Certification team has been receiving, it is still into the expected time range for the time being. Also, the Certification team reported contacting them over a week ago.

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The PR I mentioned is here

Not there

I’m just complaining. I didn’t blame anyone. In fact, as a programmer, I can understand how difficult it is to switch a new system. What I can’t understand is why the old publishing channel is closed since the edgedriver is not completely ready? Once our customer uses the edgedriver, all the old DTH cannot be used, that is, the new and old drivers cannot be used on the same Hub. I know there may be a bunch of technical reasons to persuade us.
But these reasons cannot convince the end users, who only care about whether the products they buy can be used normally.
Tips: My product release is not blocked in the certification phase – even now it has not entered the certification phase. Every time I deal with it, it takes one week to two weeks. I have to post on the community for help before I get a reply.

Hi, @chenjun

Regarding this PR, you talked about that with Nayely on ticket #1392911 and she told you that the certification team contacted you in August and you never replied. In fact, you said that you didn’t even have access to the email address associated with that PR. After that, the Certification team reported back twice on September. They said they never hear back from you. Were you able to able to access that email address? Were you able to answer that request?

OK, I admit that the biggest reason for the previous blocking is that I can’t reply to the email in time. Now, what causes the blocking?

Hi, @chenjun
When did you reply to that email? What did they ask you to do? I am not sure what their request was, but I would assume that it would end up with you re-submitting the PR fixing whatever they wanted you to fix. Did you do that?

Yes, the process is end up.And also it is forbidden to publish product on the old console by ST. The mailbox in the product’s info is set by the Company, I can not access it.They have thought the mailbox is set for the end user.

does it take a whole certification team and more than THREE MONTHS to check 2 lines with the fingerprints?

as far as I understand the mfr: “0312”, belongs to the manufacturer, and new devices (new color or design) are issued with a new product id.

I want to thank you for making this process open so now I can fork the driver and have the device up and running within minutes.

3 months = 131 400 minutes

so acceleration >10 000x

There is much more to certification than just adding device fingerprints from a pull request. (Again this is true for most platforms that offer certifications).

Because it is a legal contract involving use of the logo, there are multiple steps involved, including testing by an independent laboratory, review of documents that have the logo, etc. They don’t just take the manufacturer’s word that it meets all the requirements.

The following details the process for ST.

You can copy the code, modify it, and publish it for yourself to get a quick result, but that’s very different than Samsung certifying something that will be sold at mass market.

Device manufacturers are used to this: it’s how almost all commercial logo programs work.

Delays within a process are a different story and can be very frustrating for all concerned. But having a multi step process with review of everything from the safety certifications to the box design are common.



yes I understand there are many more steps underneath.
But we are talking about the PR now . Even this small piece of work stuck for months without any action from the team.

Hi, @chenjun

What do you mean? Please elaborate.

As far as we are concerned, the sequence of events are as follows:
This PR ended up with someone in the Certification team contacted you on August, with no luck. Then he contacted you once again the 1st of September and he didn’t receive a reply either.

Almost a month ago, you submitted a new certification request, which was replied on December the 6th, and you neither replied that one.

What happened in the middle? Why didn’t you replied the mail sent on the 1s of September? Were you able to reply the mail sent on December the 6th? Please, give us some feedback here. Because we can’t move forward in the process if you have things pending on your side.

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I forwarded your reply to the email maintenance personnel (attached in the product information), who showed me the emails from December 5 to December 14, but there was no email you mentioned. If it is convenient, please tell me which email you sent to in private.

I’m finding this thread quite interesting as we don’t normally get to see this sort of thing played out in public and it gives some insight into the processes.

I rather assumed that the reason the PR wasn’t progressing was either because the devices concerned had either yet to be certified, or if they were covered by existing certifications further clarification was being sought. I’m just a spectator though.

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But wait, Zwave is already kind of standard and it’s already certified by ZWave alliance .

in the PR we can see no more than product name association

  • id: 0312/AC01/0097
    deviceLabel: New One Outlet 1
    manufacturerId: 0x0312
    productType: 0xAC01
    productId: 0x0097
    deviceProfileName: dual-switch

the device is supposed to get connected with default ZWave switch name without any paperwork, drivers and WWST program.