Some questions just before final release

@erickv @nayelyz
I’ve already been fond of having a lot of questions and answers.
Thank you. Now, our own verification is finished inside our company.

When the final publish request is processed, how long will it take?
I think I need the exact time if it’s possible.
In accordance with that schedule, we plan to publish our server on the production server.

Looking at the optional menu when request, It seems that it can be apply for a test account.
so I would like to give this account for your team.
However, the device profile of the distribution account is not registered in this test account.
Is it okay enough? or do I just have to configure the Schema Connector and Device Profile the same as the distribution account?

Waiting for the final release…

Maxwell Kim, whom you always appreciate!

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Awesome, @Maxwell_Kim!

The certification of your Connector will take a minimum of 15 days, and our Certification Team will let you know if they need anything from you or if your Connector has been released.

About device profiles, what matters most is that the devices at the test account use the same device profile Id that costumer devices will use. This way, the metadata of device instances will be consistent.

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Oh yes, I’m an idiot, just use the dth id of the distribution account together!

Thank you for the quick answer.