Is Device Type Publication Requests working?

Hi ST,
I have my Device Type Publication Requests for 5 days now and it’s not go to review state yet. Is this page still working? Or how long I should wait before the Request can be processed, can you tell me?

5 days?, that’s it?
I have a smartApp that’s been on 5 months now…
I don’t know of any community developed devices that have been approved at this time, not sure what the issue in that regard is.


Yep, 2 months and counting so far on my one submitted device type, still in open status

The publication requests page says “a year ago” for my SmartApp submission, but I think it was only 11 months. :stuck_out_tongue: At least my submission is showing as ‘In Review’ now!

Kevin, I’m getting ready to submit a custom device type along with custom hardware for certification. Is this what you are doing as well? Can you give me any heads up on anything? Have they given you any feedback on your code / hardware? Did you have to send it to SmartThings? I’m currently going back through my device type to make sure it takes advantage of the software update and new hub so I have some time to make sure I have everything ready to go.


I submitted my device type for the Securifi Zigbee Key Fob via the IDE 2 months ago and haven’t heard anything.

I figured with Hub V2, it would be a good idea to try and get official support so we can get offline use of it


Yea that would be awesome!! I have seen people using that on the forum.

You know what they need is a set of test scripts / criteria a custom device type should have to meet before they look at it. I have gotten a couple c# apps certified for Microsoft’s cloud and Microsoft has an EXE you have to run against your code before they even talk to you. It makes sure you call the DLLs correctly checks for security issues and that your code uses the latest versions of the DLLs. After your app passes that test then a Microsoft tech takes a look at it. In fact they outsource that to a 3rd party firm.

I wonder if a few of us got together and offered to work with SmartThings if that would help streamline the process somehow? Maybe not as elaborate as Microsoft’s process but something more in the line of a peer review as a first step. Once you go through that your device type will be fast tracked on up the ladder. I would be willing to help when it comes to ZigBee related device types!! How about you Kevin? I have seen you chime in several times to help people out with ZigBee related questions! I know @pstuart would be all over this too.

Bringing in @Ben to draw a little attention to this. I know he is aware of the back log!! I know its bold of me to volunteer people but I bet there are a lot of people out here that would love to help with this!! We all have invested a great deal of time in SmartThings!! What can we do to help???

I have email ST support and I think we have no choice but wait :worried: . Here’s the reply:

Hi Ngoc

Thank you very much for showing such a great interest in our platform!

Going through the publication process can be a bit lengthy, you will have to wait to hear from our community team once they have gone through the approval process.

Keep an eye out for progress and all the best with your publication.


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