Advice on getting a SmartApp published

I submitted my SmartApp and Device Type 8 months ago, then 4 months ago I cancelled and re-submitted it. I still have no feedback, and on GitHub it still says review required.

Is there something I need to do to prompt Samsung to actually do the review?

Here’s an article about the ST integration with my TRIGGERcmd software:

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Thanks prjct92eh2, that does explain why I haven’t gotten any feedback.

I would recommend you release it here on the forums instead of waiting for it to be published. As the posting above outlines SmartThings really pulled back their approval process. While they say they might do it, I have not seen any new apps published for a while.

I looked at your code and it is very interesting. Again, it might serve you well to just release it to the forums. Word of mouth here is sometimes better than having it published anyway…users can then ask questions about it.

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I quickly ran through the documentation. Pretty cool stuff.

One thing to note. You need to modify this as it is incorrect:

These are the steps:
Log into with your SmartThings account.

Modify the url to This is the official login page, not graph.api… This way people are redirected to their correct shard when logging in.

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Thanks WB70, I fixed the URL.

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