SmartApp Publication Request

(Matthew Butt) #1

Hi all,

I submitted a SmartApp publication request 5 days ago and there’s been no movement… anyone know how long this process takes, and if there’s anyone I can speak to about it?



As of recent post by one of ST people, they are putting the AP review process on the back burner.

(Geko) #3

It’s always been on a back burner. Now it’s suspended until further notice. :grimacing:


(Matthew Butt) #5

Urgh that’s terrible news :frowning: I hope whatever they’re working on is going to help 3rd parties with their integrations.

(Kevin) #6

I submitted a couple of device handlers and a SmartApp over a year ago and they never responded.

I’m glad they finally admitted that they’re no longer publishing community code because posts like the one @jpark40 referenced kept getting my hopes up.

(Geko) #7

They should have disabled submission altogether or at least added a note to let people know that review has been suspended, but I guess that would be too much to ask of SmartThings.