Question regarding Z-Wave repair

Today I installed a Door and Window Z-Wave Plus sensor in my metal Mailbox. So I had installed a Z-Wave plus smart plug with repeater, so that I can increase the signal strength to the mailbox. Well after the install I did a Z-Wave repair and the mailbox sensor works. I am glad since it is in an aluminium mailbox. Anyway my 4 Aeon energy monitors failed as well as an Aeotec Multisensor 5. Mind You they are all working flawlessly. So what does the failed repair mean?

If you do a search for the exact text you observed, it should give you an idea. I’m thinking it simply meant your devices were sleepy, if you go through the repair process again you may have more encouraging results.

I am kind of having the same issue. Moved a plug did a zwave repair, then more plugs stopped working. Did another zwave repair, then even more plugs stopped working. Did a third z wave repair now nothing works!

Different error messages mean different things. Some don’t matter very much, some matter a lot. See the FAQ:

Anything which does energy monitoring May have a problem during a repair just because these devices are really way too chatty for what the Z wave protocol is intended for. It’s supposed to be very tiny messages sent infrequently, like turning a light on and off. Once you start reporting every few seconds, you get a lot of traffic on the network and even the repair messages don’t always get through because the device is busy.

If it’s an option, turn off energy reporting on the device before you run the Z wave repair and that might help.

If you have persistent problems, contact support and they may be able to see something from their side.

Yes I think my fails is because they are sleeping and the massive transfer for the Energy HEM’s