Aeon Multisensor Zwave Repair

Is this normal to see when running a zwave repair? This is what I get from the aeon multisensor.

@jpetrone, I usually don’t get worried about the failed to update mesh info messages because running a repair a couple more times will resolve that. The failed to update route message is indicative of a device dead on the mesh and it needs forced deleted in the app, excluded to reset it, and then reincluding it. I have had that happen a couple of times to my GE on/off switches. Running a zwave repair numerous times didn’t help, so I had to use brute force. That’s been my experience at least.

Thanks. It’s strange because the sensor seems to function fine.

@jpetrone Yeah that is odd. Typically if I had a switch do that it would be unresponsive to commands from ST, and it wouldn’t report any on/off state if manually used.

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