Aeon multisensors losing hub connection. Is the problem Sensor or Hub or ZWave?

Hi there.

I’ve tried searching all the ZWave discussions to find an answer, but I couldn’t find the right comibination of information to solve my problem. I have 13 Aeon Multisensor 6, 10 Aeon Door and Window Sensor 6, and 6 Aeon Smart Plug 6. My house is a bungalow of about 1250 ft (so plus 1200 in basement).

I’m having some trouble with 2 of the multisensors. (They are in opposite ends of the house from each other on the same floor with other zwave repeaters in between) Thanks to Simple Device Viewer, I know get alerts when any of the sensors stops having ‘Events’. So I know to go and check out the affected device. These 2 multisensors just stop reporting? communicating? with the Hub at times.
So I go to the physical device and when I pass by it blinks like it is detecting motion. But nothing is registered in ST. I can then often press the device button for 3 seconds as a Wake Up and get it to start talking again. That usually lasts 3 hours to 2 days. Then repeat.

After waking up the device it shows significant battery drain. So I’m guessing its been trying desperately to talk to the hub? or something the whole time. Obviously this is a problem since the batteries aren’t cheap. And the sensors keep failing.

Reading various things online have pointed me to some problems. Does anyone think one of these is more likely than the others?

  1. I have gaps in my Z wave network so the signal is failing to get to them. The hub is in a computer room on the main floor and I have several jumping points (repeaters) throughout the main level. No more than 15 feet apart. But some of them are in the next bedroom with a wall in between.
  2. I have too many Z wave Devices for ST to handle. I just recently read that ther is a known problem once people have more than 20 z wave devices.
  3. The sensors themselves?
  4. Other?

Any thoughts you have would be great. If I could find the source of the problem, then I could start finding real solutions and not just gripping to Aeon and replacing batteries. Thanks so much!!!

phoneapp/ your-hubname/ Zwave-util/ repairZwaveNetwork
3-5 times 15 minutes apart.

more repeaters. You can’t judge connectivity by distance.